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Edmonton International Airport

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Continent: North America Country: Canada Region: Alberta
Edmonton International Airport
Location Edmonton, Alberta
Airport type Commercial
Overview map Google Maps
Tower 118.3
Ground 121.7
Clearance 124.1
Approach 120.5
ATIS 128.0

The fifth busiest airport in Canada, Edmonton International Airport is a major hub for northern Canada. As such, it is a hub for Canadian North and First Air, as well as ultra low-cost-carriers Swoop and Flair Airlines. However, Edmonton International Airport has overall subpar spotting opportunities, especially when compared to Calgary International Airport.

Official Spotting Locations

Aviation Viewpark Leduc Chamber of Commerce

This is the only sanctioned spotting location at CYEG, it is right in-line with Runway 30 which makes take-off shooting difficult but works very well for landings. In the winter months, this location is perfectly lit from morning to evening. As Summer commences, however, this spot is only useful after approximately 2:00pm.

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Other Spotting Locations

Highway 2 Service Road

After turning off at the Nisku Exit on Highway 2 (also known as the Highway 19 exit) a spotter will immediately find a turn onto the "highway II service road". This location is good for both landings and take-offs on Runway 20. It is, however, only useful during daylight hours.

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Range Road 254

Further down highway 19 and immediately past the Castrol Raceway, a spotter can make a left turn onto Range Road 254, travelling the entire length of Runway 20 there are some turnouts along the road for parking. Take-offs from Runway 20, landings on 02, and landings on runway 12 can be shot with great ease at all times of day.

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Locations to Avoid


Regular Traffic

Facilities and Transportation