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==Scheduled Visitors Highlights==
==Scheduled Highlights==
<li>[ Asiana Airlines] - B747-400F (Cargo)</li>
<li>[ Asiana Airlines] - B747-400F (Cargo)</li>

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Continent: Europe Country: Austria
Vienna International Airport
Location Schwechat, Austria
Airport type Commercial
Website []
Overview map [,16.565752&spn=0.073504,0.204826&t=h&hl=en Google Maps]
Tower 119.40
Ground 121.60
Clearance 122.12
Approach 128.20 (Radar)
119.80 (Director)

Vienna International Airport is the primary airport of Austria. It's the hub of the Austrian Airlines Group.

Official Spotting Locations

Vienna has no official spotting locations.

Unofficial Spotting Locations

Locations to Avoid

Facilities and Transportation

  • City Airport Train, in 16 minutes from Landstrasse (near the city centre) direct to the terminal for about 9€
  • Vienna Airport Bus from the centre or west-and southstation in 45 minutes to the terminal (6€)

Scheduled Highlights