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Tampa International Airport

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Continent: North America Country: United States Region: Florida
Tampa International Airport
Location Tampa, Florida
Airport type Commercial
Overview map Google Maps
Tower 119.5, 269.4, 119.05
Ground 121.7, 269.4, 121.35
Clearance 133.6
Approach 118.15(001-150), 118.8(220-360), 119.65(151-219), 269.1(220-360), 285.625(001-150), 353.575(151-219), 353.75
Departure118.15(001-150), 118.8(220-360), 119.65(151-219), 269.1(220-360), 285.625(001-150), 353.575(151-219), 353.75
ATIS 126.45(ARR), 128.475(DEP)

Official Spotting Locations

9th Level of the Short Term Parking Garage

Well on the 9th when you are coming up take a left and go all the way to the end.

Bowling Alley

The Bowling Alley is located where the Air Cargo entrance is. Just park all the way to the left at the fence and enjoy!

Top Level of the Long Term Parking Garage

Getting there you can walk or take a small monorail. Once you are on the top floor you have an excellent view of the Continental Connection ramp. This spot is good only when the traffic patterns are landing on the 36s.

Other Spotting Locations

Economy Parking Garage

A good location that I have found useful is all the way out,along the fence in the Economy Parking Garage. The only problem is that I have been run-ins with the cops, including my personal run-in. The spot is really good if the traffic patterns are landing on the 36s.

Marriott Hotel

A great choice for spotters flying in to TPA is to take a room at the Marriott Hotel particularly after a long-haul flight. Virtually every room has views of at least part of the apron and one of the two parallel runways.

Locations to Avoid

Veterans Entrance Road

Locations to avoid are when you are coming in off the Veterans. The main road when you are coming in might seem nice but people don't like when you sit there. Plus you are not allowed to be standing there.

Regular Traffic

Regular Traffic at Tampa is normally:

  • Southwest: Boeing 737
  • Continental Connection: Beech 1900D
  • Cape Air: Cessna 402
  • American: McDonnell Douglas MD-80
  • Delta: Boeing 757

Facilities and Transportation