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Paine Field

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Continent: North America Country: United States Region: Washington
Snohomish County Airport / Paine Field
Location Everett, Washington
Airport type Commercial
Overview map Google Maps
Tower 120.2
Ground 121.8
Clearance 126.75
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A former Air Force base, this airport is now heavily utilized by the Boeing Aircraft Company, Goodrich, and general aviation planes.

Official Spotting Locations

Future of Flight Museum

From the parking lot or from the Future of Flight observation deck you have a view of runway 16R and the Boeing Everett ramp. Access to the Future of Flight's observation deck is free of charge. Light is best during the afternoon and a 135mm or greater lens is recommended for this location.

Sample Pictures:

Other Spotting Locations

South East Fire Station

This is a spot where you can view aircraft utilizing runway 34L. It is located at 109th St SW and 36th PI W in between Goodrich hangars. There is a place to park about five or six cars to the south. You will need a medium sized step ladder to take pictures of planes over the fence. Depending on what aircraft you are shooting, anywhere from a 90-200mm lens is recommended. A wide angle lens is also recommended for when Boeing heavies taxi by. Light is best in the morning hours.

Sample Picture:

Locations to Avoid

Regular Traffic

General aviation planes are the most common aircraft at this airport. Boeing heavies (747, 767, 777, 787) are seen here performing flight tests before delivery. Boeing flight tests are sporadic and can happen any day of the week in the daytime. Flights flights conduct a taxi test on runway 16R/34L before flying. Goodrich, an aircraft maintenance company, has planes coming from such airlines as Delta, Southwest, and UPS do get scheduled maintenance done. The occasional businesses jet comes into this field, but most businesses jets go into Boeing Field.

Facilities and Transportation


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