Oslo Gardermoen Airport

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Continent: Europe Country: Norway
Oslo Gardermoen Airport
Location Oslo, Norway
Airport type Commercial
Website http://www.osl.no
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Official Spotting Locations

There are two official spotting locations in OSL. If you're not up for a long walk, both require a car to get to.

Hill on north end of RWY 01L/19R

You get to this location by driving north past the GA terminal. Turn right (into the woods) just after the first roundabout.

This is a great spot. When aircraft land from the north, they touch down right in front of you. Most of the heavy traffic uses this runway regardless. You also get a good view of the military part of the airport.

Grassy area midway of RWY 01R/19L

Even more difficult to get to. From GA-area drive north, and follow signs to "militær flyplass" (do not drive in there). Drive past this, and after a while you should see a hill and the runway to your right. You come to a left turn where you can take off on a gravel-road to the right, and there you are.

Again a great spot. You have a good view of the terminal area, the SAS hangar and both takeoff and landings on this runway.

Other Spotting Locations

Armed forces aircraft collection

Go around the collection, and get to an area with a decent view of the south end of RWY 01L/19R and the cargo area. If traffic is from north they usually turn off from the runway before they reach this point. Also the fence might be a bit in the way of photographing.


From outside the terminal, you might get a decent look at some of the parked aircraft. Once past security you have a good view of the gates and taxi-areas.

GA Area

Good view of aircrafts parked here and traffic on RWY 01L/19R. Not so good for photography.

Locations to Avoid

End of both RWYs

You can get great shots of arriving and departing aircraft at both ends of both RWYs. However the authorities are not to happy about people standing there.

Regular Traffic


A good variety of domestic and inter-European flights dominated by SAS and Norwegian. SAS, Norwegian, PIA, Thai, Qatar and Continental fly regular long haul to New York (EWR), Dubai, Islamabad, Lahore, Bangkok, and Doha.

Futher new IC services are expected for 2012.


Korean Air with a 744. DHL, UPS, Icelandair etc.

Facilities and Transportation