Vilnius International Airport

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Continent: Europe Country: Lithuania
Vilnius International Airport
Location Vilnius, Lithuania
Airport type Commercial
Overview map Google Maps
Tower 118.205
Approach 120.705
ATIS 125.805

Vilnius International Airport is Lithuania's primary international airport. The airport is identified as one of the fastest growing airports in the small airport category in Europe.

There are 500 regular flights per week in the winter and 550 regular flights per week in the summer, the rest being charter flights. The airport served around 40 thousand flights in 2013, with 2.7 million passengers.

The (roughly) north-south runway is 2,515 kilometres long and 50 meters wide, equipped with signal lights system, ILS CAT II is available.

The airport is built on a plateau in the 7 kilometres south of Vilnius. Some several West- and North- bound planes fly over the city center after lift-off or just before landing, offering splendid views to passengers but little plane detail to spotters.

Official Spotting Locations

Outdoor Observation Deck

The first official observation deck is located along the west fence, 15 minutes south of the main terminal and features a few covered benches and a lifted platform. The view to the east is aligned with taxiway Echo and is facing the runway, making it suitable for all wind directions. It opened in December 2019.

See Google Maps location.

Other Spotting Locations

Rwy 02 threshold

Located near the ILS system just behind the fence. At this spot airplanes fly directly overhead at about 200ft in altitude before landing on runway 02. Most suitable if you want to photograph aircraft bellies. Place tag for GPS could be "Salininku sodu 9-oji gatve/street".

  • sample photo: large

Airport overview spot

Located on a hill and offers a great view of whole airport. Most suitable for Rwy 02 touchdowns or Rwy 20 take-offs.

  • sample photo: large
  • sample photo: large

Laimis hill

Located on a hill to the north east of the airport, great for Rwy 20 approaches as aircraft flies west of it.

Locations to Avoid


Regular Traffic

  • AirBaltic: A220, 737-500, Dash 8
  • Wizzair: A320
  • Ryanair: 737-800
  • Get Jet Airlines: A320
  • Brussels Airlines: A320
  • Lufthansa: A320
  • Ukraine International: 737-800
  • LOT: Dash 8, Embraer 190
  • Lauda: A320
  • Aeroflot: Sukhoi SSJ
  • Turkish Airlines Cargo: A330

Other medium sized airliners mostly from Europe. There are 500 regular flights per week in the winter and 550 regular flights per week in the summer, the rest being charter flights.

Current schedule is at

Facilities and Transportation

Several busses and minibusses connect the airport to city center. The city center is connected via busses #2 or minibus #15. Refer to Bus schedules are at, Vilnius traffic map is at [1].