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Directions For Use

This template provides a quick outline for a new article. You should use it by creating a new article, entering {{subst:Newarticle}} as the only article text, and saving it.

Then you can edit the page again, and fill in the appropriate sections. In particular, pay attention to the first line as it needsto be filled in:


The line should contain the continent, country, and region, in that order. For example:

{{categorybox|North America|United States|California}}

If there are no regions within the country the aiport is located in, then leave the final section blank:


On the ===Location=== lines, replace the word Location with the name of that location. If no official name exists, give a very short description of where it is. Underneath this line, fill in your information about that location. Copy the format of having the three equals signs for additional locations.

Leave any sections that you don't have information for so that others can easily fill it in, but remove the ===Location=== line from that section.