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Oulu Airport

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Continent: Europe Country: Finland
Oulu Airport
Location Oulunsalo, Finland
Airport type Mixed-Use Commercial
Overview map City of Oulu
Tower 124.4 (Tower handles clearance, ground and TMA aswell.)
Approach 118.8, sometimes just on 124.4.
ATIS 135.45

Official Spotting Locations

There aren't any official locations.

Other Spotting Locations

Hill nearby the runway 30, on the south side of the airport. Other good place is on nearby the taxiway C, and under the ATC tower.

Locations to Avoid

None really. There are only few instances known where police has showed up, and even in those situations they just asked few questions and left. During military exercises miltary police can show up, however, if you are outside the fence, they can't do anything legally and usually they are quite reasonable as well. Remember to avoid using the radioscanner, when the police or other staff member is seeing. Some of them may react negatively, if you are listening to the radio, others do not. Listening the ATC is officially illegal in Finland.

Regular Traffic

Finnair flies to/from Helsinki every day, using mostly Airbus A319/320/321 and Embraer 190. Finnair also has some charter flights from Oulu. Then they mostly use Boeing 757-200 aircraft. Sometimes some of Finnair's flights are operated by Flybe Nordic.

Blue1 has connections from Oulu to Copenhagen and Stockholm. Boeing 717 and ATR72 are mostly used on that route, but they sometimes use Golden Air's Saab 2000 planes.

Norwegian Air Shuttle flies to/from Helsinki-Vantaa airport every day using Boeing 737-800 planes.

Oulu also has some charter operators.

Facilities and Transportation

Busline 19.