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Lubeck Blankensee

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Continent: Europe Country: Germany
Diamond-caution.png Please note that the use of airband scanners in Germany is illegal.

Lubeck Blankensee
Location Lubeck
Airport type Commercial
Overview map Google Maps
Tower 128,700 MHz
ATIS 119,925 MHz

Official Spotting Locations

Visitor Terrace

If you are standing right in front of the terminal building, you will have the departures to your right and the arrivals to your left. About 20m further left there is the staircase to the visitor terrace (follow the sign "Aussichtsterrasse"). Entrance is free, view is very good, but you will have to photograph right into the sun and through a fence, as the terrace is facing southwards.

Other Spotting Locations

Runway 07

This spot is within walking distance from the terminal and a ladder is required. Make your way out of the terminal an when you are at the road turn left and stay on the left footpath until you passed the landing lights of runway 07. After 200m there is a small way leading to the glider area of Lubeck airport. So turn left into this way and to your left will be a gate leading towards the runway. From there you could take photos of all aircraft arriving on runway 07. Departing aircraft are possible to photograph, but not recommended.

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Runway 25

This is the best spot in Lubeck because you don't even need a ladder to photograph over the fence, as it is only about 1.40m high. To get to this spot you should a have car or at least a bycicle oder inline skates as it is about 5km. From the airport make your way back to the village "Groß Grönau". Follow the airport road (Blankenseer Straße) till you arrive at the traffice lights, then turn right and follow this road (B 207) until you reach a football field to your right. Turn right at the first street (Am Torfmoor) after the football field, but before the sports arena (Grönau-Halle). Follow this street until you reach its end and park you car over there or switch your inline skates back to your normal shoes. Walk about 400m along this dirt road until you reach a barrier. From there you should find you way to your preferred spotting location yourself.

Locations to Avoid

Regular Traffic

The only scheduled traffic is Lubeck Air with daily flights to Munich MUC and Stuttgart STR. Sometimes there are charter flights operated by Volotea, Eurowings and SundAir. In Summer there is a lot of glider activity and general aviation.

Facilities and Transportation

All you need to know is on the website of the airport.