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Cyril E. King Airport

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Continent: Central America and Caribbean Country: United States Region: United States Virgin Islands

Cyril E. King Airport
Location Lindbergh Bay, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
Airport type Commercial
Overview map Google Maps
ATIS 124.0

Official Spotting Locations


Other Spotting Locations

Black Point Overlook

Placed in the steep hills above the Brewer's Bay, the Black Point Overlook provides a good view of the airport terminal and runway extending into the ocean. Photos taken from here give you a nice perspective of an airport in the middle of the Carribean. Although you can view the aircraft take off and land from here as well, the overlook is too far from the runway to let you take good shots of the aircraft. Even if you have a long enough lens (300mm+), the heat haze usually prevents quality photography.

The Overlook is right off the Route 30 about a 10 minute drive from the airport. There is a place to park and also a shaded bench to sit down. Unless you come in the afternoon (first sample photo), you will be facing the sun (second sample photo).

  • sample photo of the overlook of the airport
  • sample photo: medium large - aircraft landing on RWY 10.

Airport Road

Airport Road stretches all the way from the terminal along the Lindbergh Bay to the intersection with Rt 30. You can take pictures with no problem either through the single fence or above it if you move higher up along the Airport Road. This spot is good in the morning as the sun is behind you. Plenty of free parking along the road.

  • sample photo of aircraft taking off from RWY 10 (300mm)
  • sample photo: medium large - aircraft taxiing back to the terminal after landing on RWY 10.
  • sample photo: medium large - the Airport Road spotting location as seen from an aircraft landing on RWY 10.

Brewer's Bay Road

This is an excellent spot for afternoon takeoffs from both runways. It is located by the United States Virgin Islands University information booth and bus stop near the entrance to the university on the Brewer's Bay Road (by the football field). You can park on the street and thanks to this place being on a little hill, you are above the airport fence and you get the wonderful Lindebergh Bay with palm trees as a background.

  • sample photo of aircraft taking off from RWY 10 (165mm)

Locations to Avoid

As in any Carribean destination, the crime rate here is a bit higher than in most countries in Europe or US. However, at all locations described above I felt safe and was not approached by anyone, including the police. If you choose to walk around the airport, you probably need to be more careful at the stretch of road along the Moravian Hwy as it looks a bit more run down than the other areas.

Regular Traffic

Although one of the busiest airports in the Eastern Carribean (it serves both the US and UK Virgin Islands) with well over a million passengers a year, you usually get around 80 movements a day, most of which consist of small aircraft (Cessna, ATR, and DHC) of regional airlines (Cape Air, Air Sunshine, LIAT, Seaborne Airlines, etc.). However, US carriers like Delta, American Airlines, US Airways, and Spirit also serve this airport daily with Boeing 757s, Airbus 319s and Embraers.

Facilities and Transportation

Except for the airport facilities, there aren't any around the airport fence.

The best way to get around is of course a car that you can rent at the airport. There is a sidewalk that follows the fence of the part airport on the island (the other side of the runway stretches into the ocean) should you want to walk.

There is a couple of hotels within one kilometer from the airport terminal that allow you to be literally within a 2 minute walk from your room to the fence of the airport. Although close to the airport, the hotels feature clean and quiet Carribean beaches.

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