Berlin Tegel Airport

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Continent: Europe Country: Germany
Diamond-caution.png Please note that the use of airband scanners in Germany is illegal.

Berlin Tegel Airport
Location Berlin, Germany
Airport type Mixed-Use Commercial
Overview map Google Maps
Tower 124.525
Ground 121.75
Approach 119.62 132.7 136.1 121.12X
ATIS 112.3 125.9
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Berlin Tegel International Airport "Otto Lilienthal" is the primary commercial airport for Berlin. Air Berlin is the dominant carrier with significant operations from the airport, followed by Lufthansa. The vast majority of scheduled flights are to points within Europe. Currently United Airlines (B752) flies to New York City (Newark), and Air Berlin provides service to Abu Dhabi, Chicago, Miami and New York (JFK). Hainan Airlines offers long-haul service to Beijing five times a week (operated by A330-200/A330-300). MIAT Mongolian Airlines flies twice a week to Ulan Bator via Moscow, using a B737-800 (rarely B767-300). Royal Jordanian flies three times a week to Amman, using A319/A320. Qatar Airways flies daily with an A330-300 or A330-200 to Doha. Royal Air Maroc offers two weekly flights to Casablanca, operated by B737. Iraqi Airways operates one flight a week to Erbil using their Boeing 737-800. The airport has two parallel runways, 08L/26R and 08R/26L. Approximately seventy percent of operations use 26L & 26R when the prevailing winds are from the west. 08L & 08R are most frequently used in clear weather when prevailing winds are from the east. The northern runway (08L/26R) is used for arrivals as well as for long-haul flights (e.g. A330) or military departures (everything which is parked at the northern, military apron). The southern runway (08R/26L) is the main departure runway.

  • German-language map: [1]

Please check out this map to find out where the spots are. I used the same numbers in the description of the spots. This is why the numbers below aren't in the correct order. I'll try to provide English information to every point featured on the map as soon as possible.

Official Spotting Locations

Observation Deck

  • Point 1

The observation deck can be found on top of the Terminal Building. It goes completely around the Building, so you can watch perfectly the whole apron. During Winter (October 27th to March 29th) the deck is closed from Monday to Friday but on the weekend it is open from 10AM to 4PM. At other times of year the terrace is open daily from 8AM to 8PM. It may be closed when the weather is poor. The entrance fee is 2€.

The observation deck offers good views of the runways and taxiways SM/PM as well of some stands. Excellent departure shots from all runways are also possible. Lighting is generally good because the runways are located to the north of the observation deck, but backlighting may occur in summer in the late afternoon. Heat haze can also be problematic when you are trying to photograph more distant aircraft.

Other Spotting Locations

The Spotter Hill

The Spotter Hill is unfortunately no longer suitable for spotting due to the construction of a sound barrier at its base.

Jungfernheide Forest

  • Point 2

On days when arrivals are from the west, which is common when the wind in from the east, it is possible to walk or bike on paths through the Jungfernheide forest to the western border of the airfield. It is possible to take good approach shots from a southerly position when arrivals are from the west. You can see the stored 707 D-ABOC as well.

  • Point 3

If you walk north, following the fence, you can take approach shots in the evening. You can also see line-ups on Runway 08L, and you are very close to taxiing military and government aircraft coming from the northern apron. The fence is really high, so you need to take shots through the fence.


  • Point 4

Northwest of Kurt Schumacher Platz, on the Meteorstrasse, near the intersection with Uranusweg, well-trodden paths lead up a small embankment overlooking Berlin's Ring Road and most of the airfield. Excellent approach shots can be taken here in the late afternoon and evening in summer, when the wind blows from the West. You can also take line-up shots on Runway 26R in the morning and approach pictures with the terminal and the characteristical tower in background.

Bauhaus - Parking Level

  • Point 5

Close to the Kurt-Schuhmacher-Platz is the parking level of the "Bauhaus" (former "Praktiker"). You can park your car there even if you don't buy anything. You can see 26R approaches.

Road to the exhibition "Allies in Berlin"

  • Point 6

Near the exit of the freeway A105 there is a small street which leads to the exhibition "Allies in Berlin". If the arrivals are from the west it is possible to take perfect approach shots. This position can be used from the morning till the early evening.

  • sample photo: large

Parking lot P5

  • Point 7

Across from the Terminal there is a two-floor parking lot. During afternoon and evening you have a perfect view on aircraft taxiing by on taxiway PE.

Next to the parking lot there are some aircraft park positions. Through the fence you can take photos of aircraft, which taxi onto these positions or are pushed back.

The bridge / the petrol station

  • Point 8 / 11

You can get very close to aircraft using the taxiway PE/PW here. Just walk up onto the bridge and stay there. You have to take shots through the fence but this won't be a problem here because you are able to stick your lens through the fence.

Next to the taxiway bridge is also a petrol station. There is a gate which is suitable for photography. You'll see all aircraft using the taxiway PE.

Regular Traffic

  • Winter schedule 2015/16 (by [2]

TXL's regular traffic is augmented by government flights on an unscheduled basis.

Facilities and Transportation

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