Bendigo Airport

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Continent: Oceania Country: Australia Region: Victoria

Bendigo Aerodrome
Location Bendigo, Victoria
Airport type Public
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ATIS 128.15

YBDG is located about 3km from Bendigo's city centre to the east. Three flight schools currently operate out of the aerodrome,Bendigo Aviation Services and Bendigo Flying Club and also this flying school whose website is currently under development Bendigo Recreational Aviation School

Runways: Rwy 5/23 Rwy 17/35- Right hand circuits Rwy 35!

Pilot Activated Lights (Low Intensity Runway Lighting) Taxiways: sideline Blue Pilot Activated Lighting: 119.6 ;SDBY

Official Spotting Locations

At the Aerodrome

This is a great spot for photographing aircraft that are parked or taxing, a longer lens will be needed to get close ups of aircraft landing on Airport runways. There is a park bench right in front of the parked aircraft.

Other Spotting Locations

End of Runway 5/23

This is a great spot for taking photos of aircraft landing on RWY 23 or taking off on RWY 23, the aircraft will be facing directly toward you. Or you can get some nice pictures of aircraft on Final for Rwy 05. Location: As you enter the road to the aerodrome, on the right is RWY 5/23. There is about a 2m gap from the road to the fence (A single rail bar about 1m high.) This would be an ideal spot of photographing aircraft operating on RWY 23. This runway is not as active as Bendigo's main Runway 17/35, due to eastern end of 5/23 being gravel and the western end being grass.

Locations to Avoid

Regular Traffic

GA Aircraft

The Aircraft that operate at YBDG are mainly General aviation aircraft and recreational aircraft. Lots of this traffic is from the flight schools located at the aerodrome.