Calgary International Airport

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Continent: North America Country: Canada Region: Alberta
Calgary International Airport
Location Calgary
Airport type Commercial
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Official Spotting Locations

McKnight Boulevard

A paved lot to the West of the main (16/34) runway. All movements on this runway can be seen and photographed (200-300mm), although the sun is bothersome before noon. Traffic using 10/28 is too far away to be identified from here. Picnic tables and a nearby gas station/store.

Aerial Place (WestJet hangar)

A small dirt lot just past the WestJet hangar. Only good for logging 10/28 traffic as there is a double fence preventing photography. Turn right out of the airport and right again on 78 Avenue then left towards the hangar.

Other Spotting Locations

South Hangars

Off McCall Way. From an employee car park at the end of McTavish Road movements on 16/34 and 07/25 can be logged. Good photos of 16 departures until late afternoon. Remember this is private property but weekends should pose no problems.


The food court has large windows from which all airline movements can be logged. Some photography is possible through the tinted glass and also from the roadway to the East of the terminal.

Cargo Area

Further down 78 Avenue the road ends at the cargo facility and fire station. Movements on both runways can be logged from here, but double fencing again prevents photography.

Airport Trail

There are a few locations off this road for runway 16 arrivals. Many are dirt roads, the best of which is 15 Street and this area is probably of interest to only the most dedicated photographer.

Locations to Avoid

Multi-storey car park

Patrolled by private security, but very little can be seen from here anyway.

Regular Airline Traffic

About 150 Arrivals per day including:

AeroMexico (B737NG) Places flown: Cancun (Seasonal). Departing Rnwy 16
Air Canada (E190, A319, A320, A321, A333, B763, B773) Short final for Rnwy 34
Air Canada Jazz (DH8, CRJ2, CRJ9) Touchdown on Rnwy 28
Air North (B732) Places flown: Edmonton, Whitehorse. Short final for Rnwy 10
Air Transat (A310, A332) Places flown: Seasonal destinations. Departing Rnwy 34
American (MD80) Places flown: Dallas. Departing Rnwy 34
British Airways (763, 772) Places served: London Heathrow. Departing Rnwy 16
Canjet (B738) Places served: Seasonal destinations. Departing Rnwy 34
Canadian North (B732, DH8) Places served: Yellowknife, Inuvik, Norman Wells via Edmonton. Departing Rnwy 28
Central Mountain Air (B1900, D0328) Places served: Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Edmonton, Cranbrook. Touchdown on Rnwy 28
Continental (B737NG) Places served: Houston, Newark (Seasonal). Takeoff from Rnwy 16
Enerjet (B737NG) Places served: Charter destinations. Final Approach Rnwy 25
FlyGlobespan (B763) Places served: Dublin, Edinburgh, London Gatwick. Final Approach Rnwy 34
Horizon Air (DH8-400, CRJ7) Places served: Seattle. Final Approach for Rnwy 10
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (A332) Places served: Amsterdam. Arriving at the D-Wing
Lufthansa (A332, A343) Places served: Frankfurt. Departure from Rnwy 16
Monarch Airlines (B763, A332) Places served: Manchester, London Gatwick. Departure from Rnwy 34
Northwest (A319, A320) Places served: Minneapolis.
SkyService (B752)Places served: Seasonal destinations. Final Approach for Rnwy 16
Skywest - Delta Connection (CRJ2) Places served: Salt Lake City. Departure from Rnwy 28
Skywest - United Express (CRJ2, CRJ7) Places served: Chicago O'Hare, Denver, San Francisco. Departure from Rnwy 16
Sunwing Airlines (B738) Places served: Seasonal destinations. Touchdown Rnwy 28
Thomas Cook (A332) Places served: London Gatwick, Manchester. Departure from Rnwy 16
United (B733, B735) Places served: Denver, San Francisco, Chicago O'Hare.
US Airways (A319, A320) Places served: Las Vegas, Phoenix. Departure from Rnwy 28
Westjet (B737NG) Departure from Rnwy 16

Cargo Traffic

Asiana Cargo (B744F)Places flown: Chicago, Seoul. Departing Rnwy 34
Atlas Air (747-200F, 400F) Places served: Charters. Final approach for Rnwy 16
Cargojet (B727F, B762F) Places served: Vancouver, Winnipeg, Hamilton. link title
Cargolux (B744F) Places served: Los Angeles, Seattle, Luxembourg. Final Approach for Rnwy 28
Fedex (A300F, B727F) Places served: Memphis, Winnipeg, Toronto. Touchdown on Rnwy 28
Purolator / Kelowna Flightcraft (B727F, DC10F,CV580) Places served:Hamilton, Kelowna, Winnipeg. Take off from Rnwy 28
UPS (A300F) Places served: Louisville. Final Approach Rnwy 34

Facilities and Transportation