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Continent: Europe Country: Netherlands
Location Hoogerheid, Netherlands
Airport type Military
Website [http:// http://]
Overview map [http:// ]

Woensdrecht is a small airport in the southwest of the Netherlands, located roughly halfway between Rotterdam (RTM) and Antwerp (ANR). It is mostly used by the Dutch military. However, Fokker Services has a large presence too with the largest Fokker Maintenance fascility in Europe. As such this aiport attracts nice visitors going for heavy maintenance and/or conversion. Not a lot, but enough to make a short visit worthwhile when you are in the area.

Official Spotting Locations

No official locations.

Other Spotting Locations

Fokker has a large storage area where planes are parked. Some long term, for instance there a Lina Congo F.27 has been here for years, some only a short while pending maintenance. A part of this storage area can been seen. Unfortunately there is a large concrete sound wall that can make photography hard.

Storage Area Fokker

To get here from motorway A58/A4/E312 you must take exit 30 (Hoogerheide). Drive in the direction of Hoogerheide, and take the first road to the left (Zandfort). On this road you should take the 2nd to the left (Aviolandalaan). At the end of this road the Fokker fascility is located. Park at the parking lot as nearby to the forest edge as possible. In the far right corner you will find a sand path. Walk into it and follow it for a few 100 metres. You will find yourself overlooking the storage area.

You can also walk back to the guard house and cross the street into the employee parking lot. From here you can take a look at the hangars, though photography will not be possible due to trees.

You can get here by bus as well. From the train station of Bergen op Zoom you should take busline 104 or 105. Leave the bus at busstop "Zandfort" in the village of Hoogerheide, should be no more then a 15 minute drive. From there you must cross the street and walk into the street opposite you, this is the street "Zandfort" mentioned earlier. Follow the same directions as above, it is roughly a 15 to 20 minutes walk.

  • JetPhotos.net sample photo: large
  • JetPhotos.net sample photo: large

Final Approach

To get into the final approach you must also get into the Zandfort street as desribed earlier. However, go immediately to the left into the "Antwerpsestraatweg". Follow it for a few 100 metres and that's it. Planes will be rather high though.

Locations to Avoid

Facilities and Transportation

No fascilities.