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Hi Marcus, thanks for your contributions to the BDL page. I've tweaked your pictures so that they're shown as thumbnails; users can click to see the full size version. Feel free to rearrange them if you think another arrangement would look better. In particular that Song 757 is bothering me, I feel it probably should go with whatever spot it was taken from. I've also fixed the copyright bar tag on your images; to make it work use {{copynoredist}} rather than [[copynoredist]].

May I also suggest adding a caption to the pictures on the wiki page to clarify exactly what is being shown? You can do it by adding a | and the caption at the end of the image link, as in this example I took from the SAN page: [[Image:Nw320san-375nc.jpg|left|thumb|Northwest A320 on final approach to 27, photographed from the Harbor & Laurel lot at street level]]. -- David 23:04, 5 January 2006 (MST)