Tulsa International Airport

Continent: North America Country: United States Region: Oklahoma
Tulsa International (Municipal) Airport
Location Tulsa, Oklahoma
Airport type Mixed-Use Commercial
Website http://tulsaairports.com
Overview map Google Maps
Tower 121.2
Ground 121.9
Clearance 134.05
Approach 124.0
ATIS 124.9

Official Spotting Locations

18L Parking Lot

There is a parking area east of runway 18L between the approach lights and the Oklahoma Air National Guard complex. It is fenced with a gate that is usually closed and locked at night.

36R Parking Lot

There is a parking area across north Memorial from the Fine Airport Parking Garage and west of runway 36R. It is fenced with a gate that is usually closed and locked at night.

Other Spotting Locations

Fine Airport Parking Garage

The "Fine Airport Parking" Garage makes for a great view looking out to RWY 36R, FedEx Ramp, and General Cargo (UPS, DHL...) Area. If you do use this area, please PAY to park in the garage and treat it with respect. DO NOT park across the road and walk in. Depending on heat haze, good touchdown shots on 36R can be had. At 5 floors up, you are almost eye level with approaching aircraft. Depending on the lighting and heat haze, you can get good rotation shots off 18l, especially if they rotate late. A minimum of a 400mm lens is recommended, however.

Bizjet Midfield Hangars

There is an employee parking lot with picnic tables that allow shots of taxiing aircraft to 18L and also takeoff from 18L. You will need at least 300-400mm for this spot. Entrance to this area is off 46th N. on the north side of the airport.

Atlantic and Legacy

Another old ramp/parking area is on Apache St north of the Legacy FBO and west of the Atlantic FBO which allows views of 8/26 activity and the south end of 18R/36L.

Locations to Avoid

US Aviation FBO on the north side.

Under the approach lights on both ends of 18L/36R. It is posted no parking and you will be asked to leave.

Regular Traffic

Southwest (B737, B738)

American (B738, E145, CRJ7, CRJ9, A319)

United (CRJ2, E175, E145)

Delta (B712, E175)

Frontier (A319, A320, A320N)

Allegiant (A319)

FedEx (A306, DC10, MD11)

UPS (A306, B752)

Facilities and Transportation