Treviso Airport

Continent: Europe Country: Italy
Sant'Angelo Treviso Airport
Location Treviso, Italy
Airport type Commercial - Military
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Tower 118.700
Approach 120.400

Sant'Angelo Treviso airport is located in the Provence of Treviso, Italy. The airport is often referred to as Venice Treviso as it is located approximately 20 km from the city of Venice.

The airport is used mainly by budget European airlines who claim they're flying into Venice when actually they're flying into Treviso.

Official Spotting Locations

Around the airport

Are present at the airport around 3 points by spotting where you can photograph takeoffs and landings.

The first spotting point can be reached via the main road leading from the airport fifth (SS515), Take a side road, the route is via the airport is a road that leads directly opposite the airport gate and fence. This area would be preferable go by bike because the road then dies just after a curve to the right on entry of a factory, but there is space to park the car. From here you can with a 80mm photograph a quiet 70-757, while a 737 is required a 100mm or so, for example a Cessna need a 400mm. From this station is should go in the afternoon after four o'clock when the sun is now behind us. sample photo sample photo

The second spotting point is always possible to reach the main road 515, towards St. Joseph (Airport), just before the restaurant shrimp take the road via Nogare, and follow it until not reach the entrance to a dirt road and continue until you reach the front gate communal water, right there in front on the left is a field that can be achieved only feet and the road for a few yards. The car can leave the end where the road ends, there a small square near the Sile, then walk to the camp. sample photo sample photo

This third spotting point is very famous, in fact you can here the air just when pecking the touch and when they leave, at this point "pull up". The road you can reach it from before the military airport on Canizzano left, there is a narrow canoe with a red and white, continue until you reach the restaurant "Ai Mills "located in a small square (which is recommended to park your car then walk beyond the bridge) just past the bridge turn left along a dirt road to gravel fence along the airport until you reach the iron gate, where you can take. Also here is a 80mm Recommended for 737, while the usual cessna or a piper who often travel 300mm or so is sufficient.

IMPORTANT: The road in question is private, so my advice is to not give too much attention the military patrols passing along the airport boundary (applies to all spotting points), would also be good contact owner to be authorized, so that find anyone within his property. sample photo sample photo

Other Spotting Locations

Inside The Terminal

The view from the departures lounge.

If you're flying from Treviso, get to the departures lounge after check-in. You get into this area after hand-luggage security checks and before passport control. There is a large marble floored area with a huge glass wall on the left. You can see practically everything going on at the airfield from here. Although, not much goes on at Treviso. It's very quiet to the point of only a few flights a day.

Near Aeroclub

The view from the aeroclub parking.

Another spotting point where you can make photo nearby hangar Aeroclub, which can be reached after 300m on the right from the airport. Turn left where you will find the DHL and follow the road left around the hangars, the last hangar is Aeroclub where you can also park your car. The only problem for parking, to avoid being trapped by car because of the chain fence, it is best to travel only during the hours when the flying club is open. sample photo sample photo sample photo

Regular Traffic

  • Air Arabia (Casablanca)
  • Belle Air (Pristina, Tirana)
  • Germanwings (Colonia)
  • Ryanair (Alicante, Alghero, Barcellona-El Prat, Barcellona-Girona, Barcellona-Reus, Bari, Brema [summer time], Brindisi, Bristol, Cagliari, Bruxelles-Charleroi, Dublino, Dusseldorf-Weeze, East Midlands (Nottingham), Francoforte-Hahn, Leeds-Bradford, Liverpool, Londra-Stansted, Malaga, Malta, Oslo-Rygge, Palermo, Parigi-Beauvais, Stoccolma-Skavsta, Trapani)
  • Transavia (Amsterdam, Copenaghen)
  • Wizz Air (Bucarest-Băneasa, Budapest-Ferihégy, Cluj Napoca, Katowice, Praga, Timisoara, Varsavia) operated by Wizzair Ucraina (Kiev-Borispol, Leopoli) and by Wizzair Bulgaria (Sofia)

Charter Flights

N.B. indicative flights, operated only during the summer.

  • Aegean Airlines (Heraklion, Pisa, Rodi) (A320) operated by Olympic Air (A320)
  • Air Italy (Pristina) (B737-300)
  • Mistral Air (Sharm el-Sheikh) (B737-300)
  • Neos (azienda) (Ibiza, Airport of Mosca-Šeremet'evo|Mosca-SVO) (B737-800)
  • Spanair (Mahon, Palma Di Maiorca) (A321)
  • Tunisair (Djerba, Monastir) (B737-600)
  • Ural Airlines (Airport of Mosca-Domodedovo|Mosca-DME) (A320)
  • Zapolar'e Aircompany (Airport of Mosca-Domodedovo|Mosca-DME) (Tu-154)
  • Star Airways (Tirana) operated by ItAli Airlines (MD82)

Cargo Flights

  • DHL (Bucharest-Otopeni) (B757-236F)

This flight is operated every day except Saturday and Sunday.

Facilities and Transportation

  • A public urban bus service, operated by ACTT, connects the airport with the railway station in the centre of Treviso.
  • Two bus services connecting with flights for Transavia and Ryanair, operated by ATVO, connect the airport to Mestre and Venice.
  • A public coach service from Treviso to Padova and vice versa is operated by SITA and stops in front of the airport building every half an hour.
  • Other bus connections are available from the airport or from the city centre of Treviso.


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