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Stockholm Arlanda Airport

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Continent: Europe Country: Sweden
Stockholm Arlanda Airport
Location Stockhom, Sweden
Airport type Commercial
Overview map Google Maps
Tower 118.500, 125.125, 128.725
Ground 121.700, 121.925, 121.975
Clearance 121.825
Approach 120.500 (Director), 126.650
Departure124.100, 126.650
ATIS 119.000 (Arrival), 121.625 (Departure)

Official Spotting Locations

Spotter Shelter

Next to the threshold of Runway 19L there is a shelter provided by the Swedish Airport Authority. This weather protected spot gives you a good view over Runway 19L/01R. You also have a good view over the de-icing area.

Getting there is easy if you have a car, but there is also a bus line stopping only 100 meters from this spot, Bus nbr 23 from terminal 5. A/c taxiing by on taxiway Whiskey pass right by this spot:

Other Spotting Locations

19L ops

Very easy to find and not that far from the official pavillion. Both are in sight of each other. If you see the IBIS airport hotel, then you're heading the right way! Shots of both lining up and landing aircraft, onto 19L, can be had.

Airport cafeteria

From the airport cafeteria most activities can be observed. Some photos can also be obtained from here. The cafeteria seems to tolerate spotters as long as they buy something and prices are reasonable. Good place in the winter when it's freezing outside.

Locations to Avoid


Regular Traffic

Facilities and Transportation