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{{infobox|fullname=Stockholm Arlanda Airport|location=Stockhom, Sweden|iata=ARN|icao=ESSA|aptype=Commercial||mapurl=|mapsource=|atctower=|atcground=|atcclearance=121.825|atcapproach=|atcdeparture=|atcatis=119.0 Arrival, 121.625 Departue|atcunicom=}}
{{infobox|fullname=Stockholm Arlanda Airport|location=Stockhom, Sweden|iata=ARN|icao=ESSA|aptype=Commercial||mapurl=|mapsource=|atctower=118.500,125.125|atcground=121.700,121.925,121.975|atcclearance=121.825|atcapproach=120.500.126.650|atcdeparture=124.100,126.650|atcatis=119.0 Arrival, 121.625 Departue|atcunicom=}}
==Official Spotting Locations==
==Official Spotting Locations==

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Continent: Europe Country: Sweden
Stockholm Arlanda Airport
Location Stockhom, Sweden
Airport type Commercial
Website []
Overview map [ ]
Tower 118.500,125.125
Ground 121.700,121.925,121.975
Clearance 121.825
Approach 120.500.126.650
ATIS 119.0 Arrival, 121.625 Departue

Official Spotting Locations

Spotter Shelter

Next to the threshold of Runway 19L there is a shelter provided by the Swedish Airport Authority. This weather protected spot gives you a good view over Runway 19L/01R. You also have a good view over the de-icing area.

Getting there is easy if you have a car, but there is also a bus line stopping only 100 meters from this spot, Bus nbr 23 from terminal 5.

Unofficial Spotting Locations


Locations to Avoid


Facilities and Transportation