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SpottersWiki:Privacy policy

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What We Store

SpottersWiki attributes your username with each edit you make.

SpottersWiki's web server logs each http request you make with your IP address. These logs are deleted after approximately one month.

When you create an account, the e-mail address and IP address from which you registered are logged. The e-mail address is used to verify your account, provide your initial password once your account is approved, and provide password resets. It may also be used for any e-mail related features for which you opt in to.

We don't share information with third parties, except as outlined below.

Third Parties

SpottersWiki works with the following third parties. See their privacy policies for more information.

  • Cloudflare: Cloudflare provides DDoS protection, DNS, TLS, and content delivery network services.
  • Facebook: SpottersWiki operates a page on Facebook.
  • Google: Advertising is powered by Google AdSense.
    • EU/EEA visitors: We use non-personalized ads.
  • RackNerd: SpottersWiki runs on servers operated by RackNerd.
  • Zoho: E-mail service is provided by Zoho.