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Charlotte Douglas International Airport

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==Regular Traffic==
The majority of the *Air Canada Express (Air Georgian): CRJ-100*American Airlines: 737-800**US Airways fleet: 757-200, A319, A320, A321, A330, B737E190**US Airways Express: CRJ-200, CRJ-700, B757CRJ-900, Dash 8, ERJ-145, E170*Delta: A319, A320, E190MD-88, DashMD-8. 90**Delta Connection (Endeavor Air Candada Jazz CRJ100/CRJ200. Airtran B717. AA MD): CRJ-88. 900**Delta DCConnection (GoJet Airlines): CRJ-9700, CRJ-900**Delta Connection (Shuttle America): E175*Frontier Airlines: A319. *Insel Air: MD-83*JetBlue Airways: E190*Lufthansa : A330 -300*Southwest Airlines: 737*Ultimate Air Shuttle: Dornier 328JET*United Airlines: A320**United Express (ExpressJet Airlines): ERJ-145**United Express (GoJet Airlines): CRJ-700**United Express (winterMesa Airlines): CRJ-700, A340 E175**United Express (summerSkyWest Airlines). Continental B737. Continental : CRJ-700, E175**United Express ERJ(Shuttle America): E170*ViaAir: EMB-145. Fedex and UPS Airbus. United A319/A320. 120 Numerous coroporate aircraft and ANG C-130s, plus FedEx and UPS.
==Facilities and Transportation==

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