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Charlotte Douglas International Airport

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Charlotte-Douglas International Airport (CLT) is the nations 6th busiest airport and was a former hub of US Airways, which merged with American Airlines in 2013 to create the world’s largest airline. CLT is located west of the metropolitan city of Charlotte, North Carolina and is the largest airport in the United States without nonstop service to Asia.
{{infobox|fullname=Charlotte Douglas International Airport|location=Charlotte, North Carolina|iata=CLT|icao=KCLT|aptype=Commercial|website=|mapurl=,-80.942974&spn=0.059491,0.118721&t=h&hl=en|mapsource=Google Maps|atctower=|atcground=121.8 (180-359), 121.9 (000-179)|atcclearance=|atcapproach=120.05, 120.5, 124.00, 128.32, 134.75|atcdeparture=120.05, 120.5, 124.00, 128.32, 134.75|atcatis=121.15, 132.1|atcunicom=122.950}}