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Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

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==Other Spotting Locations==
===LocationTaxiway WC at Runway 05R/23L=== This location is actually a taxiway (Taxiway Whiskey Charlie) that connects the international airport with an nearby military base. This taxiway appears to be abandoned or not often used. Locals and spotters alike use this location to watch and spot aircraft. Guard shack on the airport side is staffed, however there are no hassles with the authorities. A short (~6 feet) barbed wire barrier separates the public area and the airport property. Photography can be done through the gaps in between the wires (difficult but not impossible), however it is better to use a step ladder or sit on the top of your vehicle. [[Image:TPE Taxiway WC Overview.jpeg|thumb|c|none|Taxiway WC looking towards the runway]][[Image:TPE Taxiway WC barrier detail.jpeg|thumb|c|none|Closer look at the barrier]]  Viewing is of all Runway 05R/23L action. Essentially you will everything that uses the B and D gates, which means mostly all EVA Air traffic and not so much China Airlines traffic. You are very close to the runway here, only 100 mm is needed for an A330 or B747 side view, 160 mm is needed for an A320 side view. Runway 05R arrival{{anetlink|2241971}} Runway 05R departure{{anetlink|2237950}} Runway 23L departure{{anetlink|2242261}} Lighting is good from morning to early afternoon.
==Locations to Avoid==


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