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Date Name Thumbnail Size Description Versions
22:10, 20 January 2014 N1199-SW-01.png (file) 737 KB N1199 a 1963 Pilurs-Smith DSA-1 Miniplane built by Tracy Pilurs, on permanent display at Burke. 1
22:06, 20 January 2014 N724GA.JPG (file) 919 KB Grumman American GA-7 Cougar N724GA seen from the terminal at BKL. 1
21:54, 20 January 2014 N692DL-01.JPG (file) 910 KB N629DL a B757-200 seen at BKL operating as charter flight DAL8863 for the Cincinnati Bengals. 1
21:25, 20 January 2014 Employee parking and Marjorie Rosenbaum Plaza.png (file) 678 KB Spots marked for Burke Lakefront's employee parking and Marjorie Rosenbaum Plaza spotting location. © Google Maps 2013 1
03:24, 17 January 2014 N417UP-SW-01.png (file) 596 KB N417UP seen at UPS Cargo at CLE. I was questioned by UPS employees and do not recommend this location. 1
03:18, 17 January 2014 7O-YMN-SW-01.png (file) 995 KB Yemenia Airlines VIP government aircraft 7O-YMN a 747SP seen on Pad-7 off of Cargo Road at CLE. 1
02:56, 17 January 2014 N466UA-SW-01.jpg (file) 952 KB United Airlines A320 N466UA taxis in to Concourse C. Seen from the departures drive at CLE. 1
02:49, 17 January 2014 N981AT-01.JPG (file) 867 KB Delta Airlines N981AT seen landing from the 100th Bomb Group at CLE. 1