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Shanghai Airport

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Continent: Asia Country: China
Hongqiao Airport
Location Shanghai, China
Airport type Commercial
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Tower EAST SECTOR 118.1 124.3
WEST SECTOR 118.65 118.25
Ground EAST SECTOR 121.6 118.1
WEST SECTOR 121.85 121.9
Delivery 121.75
Approach 120.3 (119.75) 125.4 (119.75)
ATIS 132.25
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Official Spotting Locations


Other Spotting Locations

On West Tianshan Rd you can find a suitable location to spot both runways 18LR's apporaching movements (although only 18L is used to land).

On Huqingping Highway there's also a place available on the bridge after passing Hangxin Road (in the direction away from the CBD). The place is similar to the one at the end of runways 18LR, but allows you to spot 36LR.


  • Runways 18LR: In the direction away from the CBD, after passing the bridge over the Outer Ring Road, walk along West Tianshan Rd for around 700m and you will find the location with the runway on your left hand side.
  • Runways 36LR: Bus route 911 to Huqingping Highway & Hangxin Rd station and walk along Huqingping highway towards the direction away from the CBD for around 200m.

Suggested lens length is under 100mm but you can bring a long-focus lens if you want to take some shots on some specific parts of the planes.

Locations to Avoid

The fences near Airport Gate No.10 are not suitable to spot, for there're a lot of security guys walking around that part and will chase anyone coming too close to the fence.

Regular Traffic

This is the home airport of China Eastern (MU), Shanghai Airlines (FM), Spring Airlines (9C) and Juneyao Airlines (HO) although other operators such as Air China, China Southern, Xiamen, Shandong, Sichuan, Hainan are all regular visitors.

China Eastern use a mixture of A300, A320 family, A330 family, B737, B767 aircraft.

Shanghai use 737, 757, 767 and CRJ200's

Spring Airlines and Juneyao Airlines are both operating A320 with the exception of 2 A319s from Juneyao Airlines.

The first departure is approx 06.30 with the first arrival at 08.00 approx. Movements do continue until midnight or after.

Facilities and Transportation

If you need an overnight stay then the Hong Gang Hotel is at the airport. Even numbered rooms on the 6th, 7th, and 8th floor offer good views of the main ramp and part of the runway.

There are frequent coach links to Pudong Airport which are reasonably priced.