St. Barths Airport

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Continent: Central America and Caribbean Country: Guadeloupe

St. Barths Airport
Location St. Barths, Guadeloupe
Airport type Commercial
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Official Spotting Locations

Terminal Building

There is a cafe on the upper floor of the terminal building with windows overlooking the apron.

Other Spotting Locations

Road to St Jean Beach

Turn left on leaving the terminal building and head towards the beach, parked aircraft can be seen and photographed over the fence.

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St Jean Beach

The threshold of runway 28 is right on the beach.

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Road to top of hill

Turn right on leaving the terminal building. There are various vantage points overlooking the apron and the threshold of runway 10.

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Aircraft landing on runway 10 fly a similar approach to that used at Kai Tak and will fly low over this hill.

Locations to Avoid

Land between runway 10 threshold and roads

Parts of landing aircraft may be lower than your head!

Beach between the marker posts

There is a no sunbathing or loitering zone at the end of the runway.

Regular Traffic

Air Caraibes, Cessna 208 & Dornier 228. St Barth Commuter, Islander. Winair, Islander & Twin Otter. Windward Express, Islander.

All four airlines fly to St Maarten, sometimes at 15 minute intervals with the flight taking less than 10 minutes. With fierce competition a day return can be brought in advance for as little as USD30.

Facilities and Transportation

There is a supermarket for essental cold drinks over the road from the terminal building.