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Tokyo Haneda Airport

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Continent: Asia Country: Japan
Tokyo Haneda International Airport
Location Tokyo, Japan
Airport type Commercial
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Haneda is the 4th busiest airport in the world servicing approximately 64 million passengers in 2006. Located on Tokyo Bay, it serves 6 carriers including JAL and ANA, as well as 4 low-cost carriers (Skymark Airlines, SkynetAsia, Star Flyer, and Hokkaido International Airlines or AirDo). Extremely spotter-friendly and plenty of traffic, but not much diversity.

Official Spotting Locations

Terminal 1 Observation Deck

Terminal 1 has two observation decks on the 6th floor of the terminal, one on the north side and one on the south. These decks face runeway 16R/34L which is most often used for landing. As well, most of the JAL gates are visible. There are holes in the fence for photographs. These decks generally are not as crowded as those at Terminal 2.

Terminal 2 Observation Deck

Terminal 2 has one large observation deck on the 5th floor of the terminal. This deck faces runway 16L/34R which is most often used for take-off. As well, most of the ANA gates are visible. There are holes in the fence for photographs. This deck is quite popular with families on the weekend as it also offers a nice view of Tokyo Bay.

Other Spotting Locations


If you leave the international terminal and walk down the stairs and turn left to go under the tunnel, on the other side you can walk up the stairs and find yourself next to the taxiway. Only JAL, Skymark, and Star Flyer planes will be taking this assuming they are taking off on 34R or landing on 16L but you are very close, although the mesh fence makes a good picture nearly impossible.

Jonanjima Seaside Park

Not accessible from the airport, but a small park that is used mostly by large groups for barbecue parties on the weekend, it lies near the approach path for 16L as well as 22. Flights taking off on 34R often go right over head. Excellent picture opportunities and not crowded, but without a car or bicycle can be difficult to reach.

Locations to Avoid


Regular Traffic

Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways both have several hundred flights a day. There are 4 low-cost carriers that also use HND as a base. Lots of 747, 777, 767, MD, and 737, very few Airbus right now.

Facilities and Transportation