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==Facilities and Transportation==
==Facilities and Transportation==
== External Links ==

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Continent: Central America and Caribbean Country: Netherlands Region: Netherlands Antilles

Princess Juliana International
Location Philipsburg, St. Maarten
Airport type Commercial
Website http://www.pjiae.com
Overview map Google Maps
Tower 118.7
Ground -
Clearance -
Approach 128.95

Official Spotting Locations


Other Spotting Locations

Sunset Beach Bar

Right next to the Maho beach there is a beach bar where you can be. This is where you can sit and watch the arrivals from the sea and watch them fly low over the famous beach.

There are tables and places to sit at the beachbar, order a cold carib beer and enjoy the action! Watch the sunburn!

Runway End - Beach side

There is a small road leading into the beachbar area and if you walk on this road 20m from the bar, you can be aligned with the runway. There is a fence in eyeheight, but use one of the stones to stand on to shoot over it. Or shoot through it if you have a lense that works. From here you can get nice shots as the aircraft takeoff towards the hill.

Runway End - Hill side

If you follow the road from the terminal to the right (seeing it from the terminal as you leave) you will follow the runway for a while and then the road will bend to the right and pass the threshold of the runway. Stop here and use any of the small, knee high dirthills to stand on. Now you have a great view of departing aircraft roaring straight at you.

Locations to Avoid


Regular Traffic

Facilities and Transportation

External Links