Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport

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Continent: North America Country: United States Region: Arizona
Williams Gateway Airport
Location Mesa, Arizona
Airport type Public
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This airport is also known by its FAA and former IATA designator IWA.

Located 25 miles southeast of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport on US Highway 60. Exit at Power Road and drive south.

Official Spotting Locations

The airport entrance is at Ray Road, turn left to enter. A drive along this entrance road will lead past the flightline to the hangar areas. Typically parked here are the Pipers flown by the Mesa Airlines Pilot School, transient civil and military aircraft (military especially on Friday afternoons), the US Marshalls Service all white MD-80s, and the USAF T-38s that rotate in and out of the Boeing facility. After you pass the terminal, the roadway angles to the right, passing the ATSI A-4s, Native Air's air rescue helicopters and PC-12, a large quonset hut containing the resident F-104 and T-33, and ending with a large hangar housing Intel's corporate shuttle EMB-135s. Winding southward along the divided roadway, a left turn past the apron leads to the control tower and cargo area. This area is still under development and is used by the US Forest Service Aerial Firefighting team during the early summer months. Boeing uses Gateway as a hot-weather test site, and during the summer months anything up to B747-400s have been seen here.

Other Spotting Locations


Locations to Avoid


Regular Traffic

Commericial Airlines & Plane Type

  • Allegiant Air: A320
  • California Pacific Airlines: ERJ-145
  • Flair Airlines (begins December 15, 2018)
  • Swoop Airlines: 737-800
  • WestJet Airlines: 737-600, 737-700

Facilities and Transportation