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atcclearance=118.55, 132.95|
atcclearance=118.55, 132.95|
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atcatis=113.7, 272, 123.8|

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Continent: Oceania Country: Australia Region: Western Australia
Perth Airport
Location Redcliffe, Western Australia
Airport type Commercial
Overview map AirServices Australia
Tower 120.5
Ground 121.7
Clearance 118.55, 132.95
Approach 123.6
ATIS 113.7, 272, 123.8

Official Spotting Locations

International Terminal Observation Deck

Link: Services and Facilities - Perth Airport

A large, enclosed public observation deck is available on Level 3 of the International Terminal (T1) in the landside area. Entry is free, and facilities are fully accessible for mobility impaired persons.

Access to the deck is via either the marked stairs or lift from Level 2, opposite F1rst Duty Free at the Western end of the terminal.

Pay per use binoculars are provided, as well as full departure and arrivals information screens. Toilets, vending machines, water fountain and seating are also available.

The tinting on the glass can make photography from this location difficult.

Other Spotting Locations

Location map

A full spotting location map, including notes is maintained at:

International Terminal - BBQ area

Located to the back of the terminal near the security gate entrance, this will give you a great view of the International apron, and taxiway movements around the area.

Runway 03

This is located on an undeveloped plot of land at the Western end of Reid Road, where it becomes Fawcett Crescent. The plot has a spacious sand hill approximately 10m in height, with 30 degree embankments that can be climbed up by the average person.

Some people have been known to use 4WD vehicles to get up this location, but this is strongly discouraged by airport staff.

50mm+ lenses recommended here, will give you some good front end shots. Good cameras and long lenses can occasionally get you some taxiway movement.

Parking is easy and along the road.

Runway 03 Threshold

There is an unsealed but heavily used gravel road which leads to here at the end of Reid Road/Fawcett Crescent. Underbelly shots are a speciality here as they start to climb.

Remember to stay visible and don't get too close to the fence/gate.

Domestic car park

This is one of the few locations that can be accessed with little walking, and by public transport.

Located at the western end of Terminal 3, This is a good spot to get pics of aircraft parked on the Domestic apron around T3. You can also capture the occasional mail freighter parked in this area as well.

The fence will be an issue, so don't get too close to it, especially if you intend to use a step ladder.

Valentine Road

""Note:"" It has been reported on 1 October 2010, that due to construction of a colourbond fence at the rear of undeveloped leases abutting the GA apron, this location is no longer viable for spotting.

At the end of Valentine Road, there's a dead end which spotters treking out to the threshold will normally park at. If you are not feeling energetic and have a long lens, you can snap some planes on approach to runway 21.

Runway 21 #1

There is a small hill (1.5m) which previously allowed you to snap away without the fence getting in the viewfinder. The construction of the new inner security fence which is 1.5m higher than the previous makes this a slightly more difficult proposition.

The advantage of this spot is that it is the closest hill to the fence line which will keep you on the good side of security, plus aircraft are quite low at this point so good shots are possible even with point and click cameras.

Park at the end of Valentine Road, follow the fence line along the GA area before turning left to cross the drainage channel. Once over the dranage channel, veer right then follow the track to the fence line. Your hill is located 10m back from the fence.

Runway 21 #2

There's a 2-3m high hill which will easily allow you to capture traffic arriving and departing on runway 21 without having the fence in the way. This is the best spot as it is the closest to the northern taxiways, and gives you an extra height advantage which is important with the construction of the new inner security fence.

Long lenses here can also capture movements on runways 06 & 24, taxiways as well as T2 Qantas happenings and domestic apron movements, particularly in front of the old fire station.

It's a 8-10min walk along the dirt track. Park at the end of Valentine Road, and hug the fence line heading until you reach a track following the northern edge of a drainage channel. Proceed down the track until you approach the fence line, where approximately 10m back from the fence you should notice a sizable mound to your right.

Other locations

The following locations have previously been suggested by other spotters, but have not been scoped out for their viability:

  • Gate 4
  • Old runway 29/11 Undershoot
  • Runway 06/21 Undershoot - near Corner Tonkin Hwy and Leach Hwy.

Locations to Avoid

There are no known locations to avoid at this time.

Samples of photography

A number of groups and collections exist to bring together photographs related to this aerodrome. These include:


No formal method of security identification operates at this aerodrome for plane spotters or photographers.

Airfield Security & Safety, as well as the Australian Federal Police are aware that this activity takes place, and are very accommodating as long as those partaking in these activities operate within the rules.

Persons photographing or filming aircraft movements should keep their equipment visible at all times so Security/Airfield staff know what you are doing and why you are where you are. Hi-viz clothing or vests are not required, but is worth wearing if you have ready access to these.

Incident reporting

If, whilst photographing or filming aircraft movements you become aware of a security issue - you should inform appropriate Law Enforcement and Security agencies promptly.


  • For life threatening or critical security issues - Call 000 (112 if from a mobile) and ask for the Police.
  • For non-life threatening, or non-critical issues - Contact the Security Office via the Airport Switchboard on (08) 9478 8888.

Suspicious activities can also be reported to the National Security Hotline on 1800 123 400. Further information is available at their website,

Regular Traffic


  • Air Maritius - Airbus 330
  • Air New Zealand 767 (seasonal) and 777
  • Cathay Pacific A330
  • Emirates 777
  • Garuda Indonesia 738
  • Malaysian A330, 738
  • Qantas Airbus A333/A322
  • Singapore 777 and A330
  • South African A340
  • Thai A330
  • Air Asia A319/A320
  • Air Asia X A330
  • Scoot 777
  • Qatar 777
  • Virgin Australia 738
  • Cathay Pacific 777
  • China Southern A330
  • Jetstar A320/A321
  • Jetstar Asia A320
  • TigerAir A320

Codeshared Intl Carriers

  • Air Canada
  • Air France
  • British Airways
  • Lufthansa
  • KLM
  • United


  • Qantas - B738, B767, A333, A332
  • Jetstar - A320, A321
  • Virgin Australia - B737 and B738's, A330's, ERJ190, A320.
  • TigerAir A320


Qantas Link- 717, Dash-8's.

  • Skippers Aviation - Metroliners, Dash-8's, Brassilias, and Conquests.
  • Virgin Australia Regional- FK50, F100, ATR72, A320
  • Network Aviation - Brasilias, Kingairs, Conquests, F100's.
  • Maroomba Aviation - Dash-8's and various other smaller aircraft.
  • Perth Flight Centre - Various aircraft of different types.
  • Cobham - BAE 146's
  • Alliance - F100's


National Jet Expresss/Australia Air Express (Qantas Freight) 737-300F daily flights. Toll Priority alos operate 733's at Perth Occasional large freighter for charter work: E.g Atlas Air 744F, Emirates Sky Cargo 777F, 744F

BizJets and others

Various BizJets come through Perth all the time including Falcons, Gulfstreams 3,4 and 5 and BBJ's, also various Bombardiers (Challenger 600, Global Express 5000) etc.

Facilities and Transportation

Transport to the terminals by bus. There is a bus which also traveled from the International terminal to the domestic and back.