Panshanger Airfield

Continent: Europe Country: United Kingdom Region: England
Panshanger Airfield
Location Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England
IATA code N/A
Airport type Public
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Official Spotting Locations

Main Parking and Hangar

There is an area in front of the clubhouse where you can oversee the main parking area and main hangar and one of the small, green plastic hangars.

Other Parking Areas

Past the green hangar, in front of the car park you can see the rest of the parking areas.

Runway 29 Approach

There is a public footpath that runs right across the end of the Runway 29 (Half way down the drive to the clubhouse there is a sign where a bunch of trees stand, here you can enter the field on the public footpath), where you can get any angle on the aircraft depending on the suns position, you can also stand right under the aircraft as they come in!

Other Spotting Locations


Locations to Avoid


Regular Traffic

Flying lessons carried out by The North London Flying School take place all the time in their Pipers and Robinsons, they also offer flights in an Extra 300L and a Piper Cub and have now acquired a Cessna 310 for twin conversions which will be out and about soon. Other GA traffic operates from the airfield, Cessnas, Pipers, Grob, Bulldog.

Facilities and Transportation

There is a very nice cafe called 'The Blue Skies Cafe' which serves breakfasts and lunches as well as drinks and snacks, there are toilets as well. There are some outside seating areas, either on the patio or on the park benches on the grass. You can go into the office where you can gather information leaflets on flying lessons etc or even speak to some of the pilots. There is also quite a large car park.