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Continent: Oceania Country: Australia Region: New South Wales

Williamtown Military
Location Newcastle, New South Wales
Airport type Commercial & Military
Overview map [ ]
Tower 118.30
Ground 121.8
Clearance 130.35
Approach 135.70

Official Spotting Locations

Medowie Road Car Park

This is the offical spotting location at Williamtown. There is plenty of parking to accomodate 100+ cars and a couple of chairs to sit on which face towards 30. This spot is great for visual landings on 30 or take offs from 12 most of the time the wind favours runway 30 so you get a lot of visuals. The sand dunes out to the east makes for a great back drop when spotting at this location and at sunset the runway lights make for a fantastic picture.

A good focal length for this spot is 50 to 300mm but 50mm is good for directly overehad photo's. The best place to photograph from is directly under the flight path. You could mover further up towards fighter world for angled photo's & side on photo's.

Sample Photos from Medowie Road Car Park:

Fighter World

This is a great place for taking pictures of landings on 30. The viewing deck faces the 30 threshold and the designated touchdown zone is clearly visable. The recommended focal length for this location is 100 to 400mm althought 200 is a good maximum. The best time for photo's here is during the afternoon when the light is best but throughout the day there is good lighting.

Be aware that entry to fighter world is $5 for children and $10 for adults so this is not the best option for approach photo's but definately your best bet for landings on 30.

Bae Hanger

The Bae hanger is located on the runway 12 side of the airport and looks over the helicopter pads. This is a great location for taking picture of departing helicopters due to the fact that you are only 12 feet from the pads. Be aware that you may need a step ladder for looking over the barb wire fence and that you may be moved on by security.

Sample Photos from the Bae Hanger:

Other Spotting Locations


Locations to Avoid

The Terminal

There is a fence running along the apron right next to the terminal and although this is a great place for taking pictures of aircraft up close you will probably be told me move on by security.

Sample Photos from The Terminal:

Regular Traffic


Jetstar operate the A320 into Newcastle

Virgin Blue

Virgin Blue operate the 737-700 & 737-800 into Newcastle. Pacific Blue also makes the odd appearance.


Brindabella operates the Metro 23 into Newcastle.

Aero Pelican

Aero Pelican is based in Newcastle and operate the Jetream 32 & BAE 110

Norfolk Air

Norfolk Air operate the 737-200 into Newcastle but this route is usually served by Ozjet.

Facilities and Transportation