Nashville International Airport

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Continent: North America Country: United States Region: Tennessee
Nashville International Airport
Location Nashville, Tennessee
Airport type Commercial
Overview map Google Maps

Official Spotting Locations

Observation Area

The official observation area is located to the west of the airfield at the intersection of Vultee Blvd and Airfreight Blvd; it needs to be accessed off SR153 (Briley Parkway). It offically is open dawn to dusk (but no gates or so) and offers about 30 parking spots. There are no scanners, restrooms or other facilities, only some trash cans.
Runways 2L/20R and 2C/20C are fairly close by, 13/31 is visible, traffic on 2R/20L is distant but can be monitored. The terminal is approximately 1 mile away. There are air cargo areas on both sides of the parking lot. Embraer's facility is located to the left, but out of sight.

Generally not too much in the way of police hassle - unless you are a photographer with a huge lens. Even then it will basically just be a question-and-answer session.

Other Spotting Locations


Locations to Avoid


Regular Traffic

WN accounts for roughly half of the passengers through BNA, giving you lots of B737.
Other airlines (AA, DL, NW, US, UA, F9) bring in their smaller mainline equipment or have their respective regionals operate the flights (all jets).
Largest passenger aircraft on schedule is the B737-800 of AA and DL.

Other traffic includes GA (incl. biz jets), B727 and A300 of FedEx, some B757 charter flights for sports teams, plus the odd C-130 of Tennessee ANG stationed at BNA.

Facilities and Transportation