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Monterey Regional Airport

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Continent: North America Country: United States Region: California

Monterey Regional Airport
Location Monterey, California
Airport type Commercial
Overview map Google Maps
Tower 118.4 257.8
Ground 121.9 348.6
Clearance 135.45
Approach 127.15 (151-359)
133.0 (360-150)
Departure127.15 (151-359)
133.0 (360-150)
ATIS 119.25

The Monterey Regional Airport (known as Monterey Peninsula Airport until September 2011) is the commercial airport serving Monterey County, though many passengers use San Jose for lower airfares. The dominant carrier is SkyWest Airlines, which operates service as United Express. The airport also sees regular service from Allegiant Air, American Eagle, and Mesa Airlines/US Airways Express.

The airport has two runways, 10R/28L and 10L/28R. All airliners and most business jets will use 10R/28L. The airport sometimes operates with mixed operations, with arrivals on 10R and departures on 28L.

Official Spotting Locations

Terminal Observation Deck

The airport provides an observation deck in the terminal area. It is located on the roof of the baggage claim area, and can be reached from the second floor of the terminal building. It is outdoor, though there is a glass partition between between you and the ramp area. From this area, you will be facing directly the American Eagle parking area, with SkyWest to your right. The observation deck is outside the secure areas, so no ticket is needed to visit it.

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Other Spotting Locations

Upper Short Term Parking Lot

The short term parking lot east of the terminal (called the Upper Lot) provides an excellent view of the runways and ramp areas. It overlooks the SkyWest and Mesa ramp, so occasionally parked aircraft or equipment can get in your way. Trees and light poles are also potential obstructions. However, unlike the observation deck, there is no glass, only a waist-high fence. Because this parking lot is elevated above the ramp area, you are also above the perimeter fence. Cost to park here is $1.00 per half hour, up to $16.00 per 24 hours.

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Locations to Avoid

Regular Traffic



  • FedEx Feeder: Cessna 208

Special Events

The airport sees occasional casino charters to Laughlin, Nevada operated by Allegiant Air using MD-80s.

During major events in the Monterey area, such as Pebble Beach golf tournaments and races at Laguna Seca, a large number of business jets and turboprops, potentially including Boeing Business Jets and MD-87s, can be seen at the airport.

Facilities and Transportation


The Golden Tee Restaurant, located on the second floor at the west end of the terminal building, provides sit down meal service. There are tables overlooking the airport runways and the former Mesa ramp area, which will be come the new baggage claim area once construction is complete. The Golden Tee Snack Bar and Koffee Kart are located on the first floor of the terminal.

Public Transportation

Monterey-Salinas Transit bus Route 21 is the only bus that serves the airport terminal. It provides service between the Monterey Transit Center in Downtown Monterey and the Salinas Transit Center in Salinas along highway 68, including a stop at the airport terminal. Also following highway 68 is Route 53 which provides service between Pebble Beach and King City. It does not stop at the terminal, but it is just a short walk from the stop at Olmsted Rd.