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Milwaukee General Mitchell International Airport

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Continent: North America Country: United States Region: Wisconsin

Milwaukee General Mitchell International Airport
Location Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Airport type Commercial
Overview map Google Maps
Tower 119.1
Ground 121.8
Clearance 120.8
Approach 118.0(B) 126.5(A)
Departure119.65(B) 125.35(A)
ATIS 126.4

Official Spotting Locations

Layton Avenue Airport Observation Area

Located on Layton Avenue, North of the Airport. Has nice views of runway 19R; however, there are multiple fences between the parking lot and the runway. Hard to get a good shot of traffic on runway and neighboring taxiways. Good for landing shots on days where 19R is in use. Shots taken from this location :

6th Street Airport Observation Area

Located on 6th street south of the 7R approach is a designated Airport Observation Area. There is a parking lot where observers and enthusiasts may park.

WARNING: Park only in the parking lot. Do NOT park or stop on 6th street.

Other Spotting Locations

Parking Garage

On the 6th floor of the parking garage good views of much of the airport can be seen. You need a long lens to make any photos of the E Concourse or runway 7R-25L operations.

Mitchell International Business Park

This business park is located under the approach to 25L. There is street parking in the business park. Lighting here is good most of the day. Directions

Runway Dog Park

The Runway Dog Park is a great place to spot 1L Arrivals. Located on Rawson Avenue, the entrance to the park can only be accessed from the westbound side of the road. Pay the park fee and walk to the hill at the North End of the Park. The best light for this location is in the afternoon. Directions

  • sample photo: large

Maitland Park

This park is located on South 13th Street. Street parking is available on both sides of the street. There is a hill directly under the approach to 7R. Good light can be found most times of day in this park. Directions

Mitchell Airport Park

This park is bounded on three sides by Layton Avenue, Brust Avenue, and Whitnall Avenue. Parking is somewhat limited here. Mitchell Airport Park is an open green space that provides an excellent up-close view of runway 19R arrivals. There is room to stand directly under the approach or off to the side. Good lighting may be found most times of day here. Directions

WARNING: While this is a public park, it should go without saying to stay well clear of all airport lighting and navigation equipment.

Locations to Avoid

Air National Guard Base

The driveway to the base starts at the stoplight at Grange and Pennsylvania. Do not enter the base or park in the gravel lot along the entrance road. You will be met by base personnel and directed to leave.

South 6th Street

Past the Amtrak Station turn off, the road continues under the approach to runway 7R. There are No Stopping signs posted. Police frequently patrol this road.

Spotting Locations Map

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  • Normal Operations: Departing 19R, Arriving 25L
  • Abnormal Operations: In winter and deteriorating weather, winds tend to favor 7R and 1L. In summer and improving weather, winds tend to favor 19R and 25L.
  • Freight Runners Express: Often will depart 25L at Tango, 1L at Sierra when departing from the cargo ramp. FRE will also occasionally use 25R and 1R/19L for departures and arrivals.

Regular Traffic

Mainline Traffic

Airline Equipment Gates
Alaska Airlines B737, B739 D51
Allegiant Airlines A319, A320 D42 and D53
American Airlines A319, A320, MD80 D52, D54 - D56
Delta Air Lines A319, A320, B717, B738, B739, B752, MD88, MD90 D43 - D49
Frontier Airlines A319, A320, A321, A32N D39 and D41
Southwest Airlines B38M, B737, B738 C14, C18 - C24
United Airlines A320, B739 C9, C11, and C15
Volaris (Wednesdays and Fridays) A320 C12 (departures only)

Regional Traffic

Airline Mainline Partner Equipment
Air Georgian Air Canada Express CRJ1, CRJ2
Air Wisconsin United Express CRJ1, CRJ2
Endeavor Air Delta Connection CRJ9
Envoy Air American Eagle E170, E175
Piedmont Airlines American Eagle E145
ExpressJet Airlines American Eagle, United Express E135, E145
PSA Airlines American Eagle CRJ7, CRJ9
Republic Airline American Eagle, Delta Connection, United Express E170, E175
SkyWest Airlines American Eagle, Delta Connection, United Express, Alaska Airlines CRJ2, CRJ7, CRJ9, E175

Seasonal Service

Airline Equipment
Travel Service / SmartWings /Swift Air B738

Cargo Airlines & Plane Type

Airline Equipment
Ameriflight B190
DHL (Operated by Atlas Air) B762, B763
DHL (Operated by Southern Air) B734
FedEx Express A300, B752, B763, MD10
FedEx Feeder (Operated by CSA Air) C208
Freight Runners Express BE99, B190, E120
Paccair BE99, C402, PAT4
UPS Airlines B752, B763, MD11

Military Operations

  • Boeing KC-135R Refuelers
  • Lockheed C-130

Facilities and Transportation