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Manchester Airport

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Continent: Europe Country: United Kingdom Region: England
Manchester Airport
Location Manchester, England
Airport type Commercial
Website []
Overview map [,-2.279320&spn=0.029493,0.076484&t=h&hl=en Google Maps]
Tower 118.625 (24R/06L)119.40 (24L/06R)
Ground 121.85
Clearance 121.70 (delivery)
Approach 119.525
ATIS 128.175 (Arrivals) 121.975 (Departures)

Official Spotting Locations

Multi storey car park

13th Floor of Multi storey car park - Terminal 1.

A.V.P. - Aviation viewing park

Signposted from main terminal areas and railway station. This area also contains Concorde,Avro 146,DC 10 nose section and Trident(not yet re-assembled)aircraft.

The shown location of the AVP on the linked Google map, is wrong. It is, in fact, at the end of "Wilmslow Old Road". Find your way to the roundabout near the M56 and follow road signs for "Wilmslow" - the AVP is signposted as "Concorde" which involves turning down a road to the left shortly after the traffic lights.

Other Spotting Locations


Locations to Avoid


Regular Traffic

Facilities and Transportation

Railway Station at Airport between Terminals 1 & 2. Services from most of the UK mainline stations. Bus Station adjacent to railway station.