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Larnaca International Airport

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Continent: Europe Country: Cyprus
Larnaca International Airport
Location Larnaca, Cyprus
Airport type Commercial
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Official Spotting Locations


Other Spotting Locations

Some views are from within the terminal building, especially from the café.

Mackenzie Beach

Parking lot at Mackenzie Beach north-east of the airport gives views of the remote apron (near the old terminal, now "VIP-terminal") as well as aircraft taxiing to runway 22. From the beach itself, aircraft landing on 22 are very close by. This place gets very busy during the weekend, as locals flock out to the restaurants. Parking no longer is free (2 € / 12 hours), but enforcement seem to vary. However, the sun will hamper photography. Walk along the beach to get a better angle.

Desalination Plant

South of airfield near desalination plant. Can be reached by car via Pervolia. Take road northeast along the beach. Road ends at desalination plant. Depending on road conditions, continue on rough road or on the beach. Views are distant for photography unless you cut across some fields.

Locations to Avoid


Regular Traffic

Traffic varies much over the course of a year. Winter can be slow, whereas summer can be very busy. A considerable number of movements are performed during the night.

Narrowbodies from Airbus and Boeing dominate; E-Jets from RJ and LO. EK brings a A332, routing DXB-LCA-MLS-LCA-DXB.

Facilities and Transportation