Lanzarote Airport

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Continent: Africa Country: Spain Region: Canary Islands
Lanzarote Airport
Location Lanzarote, Spain
Airport type Commercial
Overview map
Tower 120.7
Ground 121.8
Approach 129.3
ATIS 118.625
Plane Spotting Hotels guide

Official Spotting Locations

Finding places to view the movements at Arrecife is not difficult, on the eastern side of the runway towards the South end is the beach while both runway ends are easy to watch from open ground. About the only place you cannot view from is landside in the Terminal, once airside mind its great including a outside eating area!

Other Spotting Locations

The runway is laid out as 03-21, 03 being the South end by the beach with the approach over the sea and is the more common end apart from when the wind is calm or else it has a rare change of direction. Some planes will still use the 21 end if possible to take off to avoid the climb out on 03 over the mountains. To Drive to the 03 end of the runway, follow the signs for Matagorda off the LZ-40 and then keep straight on over the round about, a dirt track goes off on the left after about 1/4 mile. take this and just stay left of the white building if in a car. If on foot either follow the driveway or else walk towards the sea and follow the promenade to the end of the runway which is behind the white house. For further info and pictures check out:-

Locations to Avoid

None really, mind don't bother trying to access the cargo area, first you have to get through the Police check and then there are no views anyway!

Regular Traffic

A number of newspaper flights arrive after 0700 each morning bringing the papers/mail in. Most operated by EMB-120's and Metros.

Scheduled services are operated by:

  • Aer Lingus with A320's
  • Air Nostrum with CRJ's
  • Binter with ATR 72's or 737's (Futura)
  • FlyGlobeSpan with 737's
  • GB Airways (BA) with A320/321's
  • Iberia with A321's
  • Air Europa with 737NG's mainly
  • Spanair with A320, MD-80's and also B717's (Sat/sun)

Everything else is mainly charter traffic.

For an up to date guide check out:

Facilities and Transportation

Food Plenty of places airside to eat/drink. Number of eating places in Matagorda on the seafront where you can eat/drink and see the planes on approach over the sea. Easy walk from the runway end. A hire car is fairly cheap here and recommended for getting around.

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