Kahului Airport

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Continent: North America Country: United States Region: Hawaii

Kahului Airport
Location Kahului, Maui, Hawaii
Airport type Commercial
Website http://hawaii.gov/ogg
Overview map Google Maps
Tower 118.7 279.6
Ground 121.9 279.6
Clearance 120.6 290.5
Approach 119.5 225.4(South)
120.2 322.4(North)
Departure119.5 225.4(South)
120.2 322.4(North)
ATIS 128.6

Kahului Airport is the primary commercial airport on the Hawaiian island of Maui. The vast majority of scheduled flights are to Honolulu, but the airport also has a number of nonstop flights to the other neighbor islands, and to the mainland USA and Canada. The airport has two runways: 2/20 serves as the primary runway for large aircraft, but it is supplemented by 5/23, which handles local flights on Cessna Caravans and other light aircraft. Helicopters operate from the heliport on the southeastern end of the field.

Official Spotting Locations

There are no official spotting locations at the airport.

Other Spotting Locations

From the Terminal

It is possible to take photographs from the gate areas of the terminal, past security, but you will be shooting through glass and the sun may be against you at certain times of day and at certain times of year. The glass is not particularly clean either, but you be able to find good views of aircraft on runway 2/20 or pulling in and out of gates.

Near the Heliport Employees' Parking Lot

The Kahului Heliport at Kahului Airport Road is located just beyond the end of Haleakala Highway, near Kala Road. As you approach the Heliport, you will see an Employee Parking Lot on the left, but immediately before that is a small driveway leading downhill towards a path. There will be some ornamental boulders on the right and room to park on the left. This is a nice spot that provides good views of landing aircraft on approach to Runway 2 with the West Maui mountains as a backdrop, as well as landing helicopters at close range. For a better view of the runways and operations at the airport itself, you may walk towards and onto the employee parking lot, which is at slightly higher elevation, but be discreet and do not approach the airport fence or engage in any other activity that might cause you to be asked to leave.

Locations to Avoid


Regular Traffic

Kahului has a somewhat variable flight schedule with some flights operating less than daily you may want to check Flight Tracker or FlightAware before heading to the airport for spotting. The list of flights below gives some idea of the traffic you may see.

Air Canada has flights to Calgary arriving and departing in the late evening on 767-300s.

Alaska Airlines serves Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose (CA), Seattle/Tacoma, and Portland (OR) with arrivals and departures from the late morning into the evening. Flights to Los Angeles and San Francisco use A320-200s, while all other destinations use 737-800s.

Aloha Air Cargo has cargo flights to Honolulu operated by primarily by 737-300s, but also by Saab 340s. These operate primarily at night but there are also irregular daytime flights.

American Airlines has flights to Los Angeles and Phoenix on 757-200s and A321s, and to Dallas/Fort Worth on 767-300s.

Delta Air Lines has flights to Los Angeles and Seattle on 757-200s.

Hawaiian Airlines has a busy schedule with nearly hourly flights to Honolulu, supplemented by a few nonstop flights to the neighbor islands, all operated by 717-200s. These interisland flights are augmented by flights on A321-200neos and A330-200s to cities on the West Coast of the mainland USA, with staggered flights arriving from the late morning into the late afternoon.

Lanai Air private charter flights to Lanai are operated by Pilatus PC-12s.

Mokulele Airlines flies Cessna 208s to Hana, Kona, Molokai, and Waimea-Kohala.

Trans Air has cargo flights to Honolulu and Kona operated by 737-200s. These operate primarily at night or in the early morning hours.

United Airlines flies nonstop to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Denver with 737-800s, 737 MAX 9s, 757-200s, 757-300s. 767-400s and 777-200s can be seen on flights from Chicago O'Hare and Denver.

WestJet has flights to Vancouver and Calgary in Canada, operated by 737-800s and 787-9s.

Facilities and Transportation