Hancock-County Bar Harbor Airport

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Continent: North America Country: United States Region: Maine

Hancock-County Bar Harbor Airport
Location Trenton, Maine
Airport type Commercial
Website http://www.bhbairport.com/
Overview map Google Maps
Tower (CTAF) 123.0
Clearance 119.9
Approach 124.5
ATIS 118.025

The Hancock-County Bar Harbor Airport is a small regional airport located in Trenton, Maine, just west of the popular tourist destinations of Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. Bar Harbor is a sleepy airport with limited commercial service during the winter months, but is a bustling corporate hub during the summer tourist months.

Official Spotting Locations

No official spotting locations exist at Bar Harbor.

Other Spotting Locations

Caruso Drive / Terminal Access Road

Parking along Caruso Drive (the road which accesses the main terminal) provides views over the fence of landing and departing traffic on Bar Harbor's Runway 22. A zoom lens is recommended at this location.

  • JetPhotos.net sample photo: large

Terminal Parking Area

The terminal parking lot is separated from the ramp by only a fence. Shooting through the fence (or through the terminal windows) provides excellent views of all sorts of parked corporate and private aircraft, as well as the scheduled US Airways turboprop service.

  • JetPhotos.net sample photo: large
  • JetPhotos.net sample photo: large

Aerial Sightseeing Companies

Multiple aerial sightseeing companies have seasonal locations located along Bar Harbor Road on the Southwest side of the airport. These locations provide decent views of both the main runway, and the sightseeing operations themselves, operating Biplane and Glider traffic as well as common GA aircraft.

  • JetPhotos.net sample photo: large

Regular Traffic

Bar Harbor becomes a bustling airport for commercial and private traffic during the summer months when the ramp becomes crowded with aircraft ranging from Beechcraft Bonanzas to the largest Gulfstream jets. During the peak summer season, Bar Harbor can see an average of two jet movements per hour, with extensive GA and sightseeing traffic flying all day.

  • Cape Air: Cessna 402
  • PenAir: Saab 340

Facilities and Transportation

The Bar Harbor Airport has minimal terminal facilities and no public transportation available. Almost all spotting around the Bar Harbor Airport must be done either by automobile or by aircraft.