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Hamburg Airport

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Continent: Europe Country: Germany
Diamond-caution.png Please note that the use of airband scanners in Germany is illegal.

Hamburg Fuhlsbuttel Airport
Location Hamburg, Germany
Airport type Commercial
Overview map Google Maps
Tower 126.850/121.275
Ground 121.800
Approach 134.250
ATIS 123.125
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Official Spotting Locations

View Terraces in Terminal 1 and 2

The view terraces are in Terminals 1 and 2. They offer an outstanding view over the apron and runways despite the fact you'll have to spot through glass. As of August 2011, both terraces can be visited for free. The entrances ("Aussicherterrase") are well sign-posted. There is also a terrace in the building where the model airport is located, next to the passenger terminals.

Terminal 1 terrace is shared with a restaurant / cafe and the dirty and tinted glass makes photography almost impossible.

  • sample photo: medium large (taken from Terminal 2's terrace)

View Terrace at the Model Exhibition

Visitor Terrace at the Model Exhibition

There is another view Terrace at the Model Exhibition. Go outside of the terminal and walk 5 minutes to the north. You will see the Sign for the "Modelschau". There is a restaurant with a view Terrace. The entrance is for free, but unfortunately you'll have to spot through glass.

Other Spotting Locations

"The Bridge" - Flughafenstrasse

Bridge on the Flughafenstrasse

The spot can be reached from the airport terminal by walking to the north along the "Flughafenstrasse" toward Fuhlsbüttel. Walking time is about 10 minutes. You are very close to runway 23 arrivals and are also able to see departures on the same runway. On fullframe cameras you will need lenses from 100-300mm focal length. Light is good from 9am to 2pm.,10.009283&spn=0.000621,0.001742&z=20

"P1" - Flughafenstrasse

The spot is on top of a car park (named P1) at Flughafenstrasse. Walking time is about 5 minutes from the terminals. It's very similar to "The Bridge" but much more elevated.

  • sample photo: medium large (final to runway 23)
  • sample photo: large (spot),10.007262&spn=0.000311,0.000871&z=21

"Cafe Himmelsschreiber" - GAT

The spot is probably the most versatile at HAM. Walking time is about 20 minutes from the terminals via "Weg beim Jäger". It's actually a Café with a terrace. You have great light almost the whole day depending on the runways in use. There is a lot of action as it is directly located on the General Aviation Terminal. Of course there is a fence which you can avoid using a three step ladder but with a crop camera you should be able to take photographs through the fence anyway. You may need wide angle lenses down to 24mm on fullframe as the action can get very close but make sure to have longer lenses as well.

  • sample photo: large (apron 1)
  • sample photo: medium large (runway 33 arrival which doesn't happen too often)
  • sample photo: large (runway 33 departure)
  • sample photo: medium large (runway 23 arrival)
  • sample photo: medium large (runway 23 departure)
  • sample photo: medium large (holding short runway 33)
  • sample photo: medium large (taxi on Kilo for t/o rwy 33)
  • sample photo: medium large (taxi on Kilo for t/o rwy 05)
  • sample photo: medium large (nightshot apron 2)
  • sample photo: medium large (general aviation),9.996727&spn=0.000311,0.000871&z=21


The end of the road Holtkoppel is very popular with locals and offers good views of action on 15/33.

Locations to Avoid


Regular Traffic

  • Lufthansa
  • British Airways
  • Air France
  • TuiFly
  • Hamburg International
  • Air Berlin
  • Swiss
  • Atlas Blue
  • Lufthansa Regional
  • FlyLAL
  • InterSky
  • Emirates Airlines
  • SN Brussels Airlines
  • AeroSvit - Ukrainian Airlines
  • Scandinavian Commuter - SAS
  • Finnair
  • LOT - Polish Airlines
  • Cirrus Airlines
  • Condor

Facilities and Transportation

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