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Gothenburg Landvetter Airport

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Continent: Europe Country: Sweden
Gothenburg Landvetter Airport
Location Gothenburg, Sweden
Airport type Commercial
Overview map Google Earth
Tower 118.600
Ground 121.900
Approach 124.200/124.675
ATIS 118.375

Official Spotting Locations

Roof Terrace

Shut, indefinitely

Other Spotting Locations

SAS Cargo crash gate

Besides the domestic terminal on the inner access road. Most taxiing movements can be shot from here and even some runway action too, (mostly runway 21 ops). Normally Malmö Aviation Avros will be parked right in front of you. Best light in the morning up to lunchtime.

Carpark building

Opposite of the terminal buildning is a carpark with 3-4 floors. Make your way up to the top floor (outdoors) and go the southern end. From here you can see and photograph departures of runway 03 as they rotate and climb out. You need a long lens, around 400mm from here. If runway 03 is used you can get most taxiing movements as they taxi to the runway. Some traffic going in and out of the southern stands can also be seen and photographed. Best light in the morning up to lunchtime.

DHL area

North of the terminal and cargo are is the DHL freight terminal. It is easily reachable from the terminal by foot. From this place you can get approach shots when runway 21 is in use. Unfortunately the aircraft dissapear behind a building as they are alongside of you. But you can still get good approach shots. Best light in the morning up to lunchtime.

Approachlights Runway 21

Just walk north from the terminals to the DHL freight terminal, then continue out on the small pariking and follow the fence. From this place you can get photos under the planes and from the sides. Just be aware of the wet ground out here!

Afternoon Runway 21

This is a bit tricky to get to and you need a car. From Landvetter drive the old road towards the airport. Take right onto a small dirt road and follow the map below. The red line is by car, and the green line is by foot.

Park your car by the P on the map. There is an area on your left hand side. Then put your best waterproof boots on (it is always wet!) and charge with energy. You will need it. Follow the fence to your left and after 20-30 minutes of rough walking you will find a crash gate.

The trees were cut during autumn 2010 so the view is very good from here. The sample photos below were taken before that, with high trees covering a lot of good views.

This spot is best after lunch up to sunset.

Locations to Avoid

Runway 03!, if you dont have a car, do not even try to get there!


Regular Traffic

Facilities and Transportation