Gothenburg City Airport

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Continent: Europe Country: Sweden
Gothenburg City Airport (Säve)
Location Gothenburg, Sweden
Airport type Public
Overview map Google Earth
Tower 119.05
Ground 123.25
Approach 124.2 / 124.67 (Goth.Ctrl)
Departure124.2 / 124.67 (Goth. Ctrl)

Gothenburg City Airport is a small airport with general aviation.
The airport handles a large amount of Bizjets, VIP flights. Until November 2014 it also had a fair amount of Ryanair and Wizzair flights. They are now all moved to the nearby Landvetter Airport (GOT).
The main runway is 01/19, and in the past there was a shorter runway for general aviation 04/22 which is closed now.

This PDF file shows the airport, runways etc.

Official Spotting Locations


Inside the small terminal there is a cafe where you have pretty good view of the runways. You can also stand right outside the cafe for a good view through a fence.
This is taken from the veranda on the roof, just above the café.

And this is shot through the fence on the left hand side of the terminal.

Other Spotting Locations

GA Area

Beside the terminal, there's a flight school and behind this is the GA area. Not much happens here, although occasionally you'll be able to get a nice head-on shot of a prop:

End of Runway 19

If you drive or walk from the terminal towards the threshold of runway 19, keep going 100 meters after passing the runway. There is a small road leading up on your left.
This will take you to the approach lights and a great view of the runway and terminal. You can be aligned with the runway under the approach lights and get good shots.

Touchdown Runway 19

There is a good spot on the right hand side of runway 19. Just walk next to the fence until it ends, very close to the touchdown zone on runway 19. The light is best in the afternoon at summertime for photography.

Security Gates

Just left of the terminal there is a big gate with fair space in between so you can get a good shot of taxying aircraft.

Alleby Runway 01

If you drive towards Alleby there is a Riding ground for horses. Just next to that is the threshold for runway 01. Either you can shoot them on approach, like this:

Or you can shoot them rotating off runway 19, like this:

Also possible, although a little walk is needed, is to shoot them from the rugged terrain on the right side of approaching traffic:

Locations to Avoid

End of Runway 19

This spot is excellent, but security can chase you off here as you are only within 5-10 meters from the active runway. But you can get away with it, and get GREAT shots!

Regular Traffic

Currently the following airlines are operating into GSE:

  • Ryanair No longer operates into GSE - Moved to GOT-ESGG.
  • WizzAir No longer operates into GSE - Moved to GOT-ESGG.
  • Air Berlin No longer operates into GSE - Moved to GOT-ESGG.

Facilities and Transportation

There is a busline from the Central station to the airport. From Central station, take bus number 25 to Skra Bro. Switch bus to number 36 there and continue to Askesby.
Askesby is close to runway 19 and is only a 15 minute walk to the terminal.