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Exeter International Airport

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Continent: Europe Country: United Kingdom Region: England
Exeter International Airport
Location Exeter, England
Airport type Commercial
Overview map [ ]
Tower 119.80
Approach 119.50, 128.150

Official Spotting Locations


Terminal Viewing Gallery

Unfortunately, the viewing balcony is no longer accessible to the public. You can still use it if you are catching a flight, however, as it is part of the Departure Lounge.

Other Spotting Locations


Clyst Honiton Roundabout

Exit the A30 for the airport and you will immediately come across a roundabout. Instead of going straight over to the airport, turn left and park up in Clyst Honiton somewhere then walk back to the roundabout. You will have views of aircraft climbing out on 26 and views of aircraft approaching 08. You won't get any pictures of anything on the ground.

Silver Lane

Continue past the Terminal towards the Flybe hangars and continue past them too. The road then goes to single lane and after just short of a mile, turn left onto Silver Lane. You will think you have driven into a Farmers yard but continue on and eventually if you look to your left you will see the runway. There isn't really any parking here and it's advisable to not stick around too long and not enter any fields, but from this location you will get very long shots of aircraft on the ground and approaching aircraft on 26.

Car Park 4/5

Car Park 4 / 5 is commonly used by airport staff and is located right next to the Jack Walker Hangars of Flybe. Obviously there is a fence all the way around so by all means take a ladder but don't be surprised if you get funny looks! If you remain polite you should be left to it. From here you will see whatever is at the Flybe Hangars as well as aircraft taxiing on Taxiway Charlie, or anything on the disused 31/13. The Red Arrows park here when they visit. You will be able to see most of the main runway from here. This may be the best location for photography (apart from being on the airfield) as the sun will be behind you.

Exeter Flying Club Fence

Find Exeter Flying Club, and there is a fence behind which the whole runway is visible. However Balfour Beatty and the caterers will regularly park things in front of this fence and therefore obstruct the view. Do not under any circumstances approach the security gate next to the fire station unless you have airside access, you will not get through and will have trespassed through another gate in order to get there and you'll be asked to leave.

Locations to Avoid


Regular Traffic

Facilities and Transportation