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Eindhoven Airport

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Continent: Europe Country: Netherlands

Eindhoven (-Welschap) Airport
Location Eindhoven, Netherlands
Airport type Mixed-Use, Commercial
Overview map [ ]
Tower 131
Ground 121.925
Clearance -
Approach 248.4 (Volkel APP)
ATIS 126.025
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Official Spotting Locations


The only official Spottersweg (literally Spottersroad) in existence, it runs below the approach to runway 22. A parking has been created here from where you have an overview of the airport, but the best spot for taking photographs of landing aircraft is probably walking a bit back towards the terminal into the dead-end road which runs towards a gate.


On top of the new terminal an observation deck has been created, but with high glass walls.

Other Spotting Locations

Long Term Car Park

Walk into the long term car park. In the far corner you can stand and have a view over the platform in front of both the aircraft paint fascility nearby and the terminal a bit in the distance. At the other side the cargo apron and the military air base can be seen, albeit with a lot of clutter. The entire parking lot is ringed with fences so bringing a step ladder is advisable.

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Locations to Avoid

Poort 27

What used to be the best spot for an overview of the military platforms and for some photographing on the southern taxi way and halfway the runway, has now completely been closed.

Regular Traffic

Ryanair, Corendon airlines, Transavia airlines, Solid air, Wizzair, a few bizzjets and in the Summer Onur air, Pegasus airlines and Sky airlines wil travel between Eindhoven ans several Turkish destinations. The Royal Dutch Air Force (transports)is based at Eindhoven with (K)DC-10's , C130's and a Gulfstream. Also this base is sometimes used for making touch and goes of fighterjets and Awacs planes. Regularly there are additional transport for the military, ranging from Luftwaffe C-160s, IL-76s and even Antonov 124's.

Facilities and Transportation

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