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Billund Airport

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Continent: Europe Country: Denmark
Billund Airport
Location Billund, Denmark
Airport type Commercial
Overview map Google Maps
Tower 119.0
Approach 127.575, 119.250 (arrival, rarely used)
ATIS 118.775

Official Spotting Locations


From the balcony on level 3 in the terminal there is a limited overview of the western part of the apron and the runway. The balcony is accessible via an elevator located in the opposite side of the terminal when entering level 1 in the terminal via the western entrance. Please note, the balcony is no longer accessible (May 2015)

Other Spotting Locations

Runway 27 approach

It is possible to stand just outside the fence on the hill next to the main road to the airport from the east (primary route 28) (location A on the map below). There is a good overview of the runway because of the runway slope. It is generally not a good idea to park at the side of the road, however, getting to the location by foot requires an approximately 4 km. walk from the terminal area. The wind is usually western, so runway 27 is in use most days. Overview map

Runway 09 approach

The terrain elevation just north-west of the terminal is a bit higher than the runway elevation, making it possible to get a good overview of the western runway end when standing a few hundred metres west of the terminal building. To get there, just follow the road from the terminal westbound. Just west of the terminal is a staff parking area, behind which the previously mention spot is located (location A on the map below).

It is also possible to continue west a bit further to get a better view of planes taking off from runway 09 and planes on final approach. Simply follow the road west from the terminal, keeping to the left (location B on the map below). Overview map

Runway 27 approach - South East side of airport

On the south side of the airport (drive past Legoland, turn left into Firhojevej and past Lalandia Resort and the cargo/maintenance hangers and carry for another 1km) there is an open area of grass (on the left hand side if coming from the cargo hangers) where you can park and have excellent views of arrivals and departures on runway 27.

Locations to Avoid

Generally, avoid getting too close to the fence. Using stepladders is a bad idea, unless you wish to meet the local police.

Regular Traffic

Ryanair uses Billund as a base airport and operates a number of destinations from the airport. SAS operates a few routes out of Billund, including a domestic route to Copenhagen, operated by Cimber A/S with ATR 72's. Primarely during the summer period, the airport hosts a number of charter compaines as well such as Jet Time and Primera Air. SUN-AIR of Scandinavia A/S (British Airways) uses Billund as their main hub, flying to multiple destinations with Dornier 328 (both jet and turbo-prop versions). DHL operates a nightly cargo flight to Leipzig with a Boeing 757.

Facilities and Transportation

Getting to the airport by car is very easy, however, parking fees apply. However, you can park for 1 hour in car park P3 for free. A number of bus routes go to the airport. Busses 143 and 43 route from Vejle on the east coast of Jutland to the airport. Bus 43 stops at less locations than 143, making the trip shorter and faster. Vejle is connected to the rest of Denmark by train, and if going to the airport from fx. Copenhagen, it would be most logical to take the train to Vejle, and then bus (1)43 to the airport. Airport busses between Billund airport and Aarhus city depart almost every hour during the day. For a complete overview of bus routes, see this page.