Dubai International Airport

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Continent: Middle East Country: United Arab Emirates
Dubail International Airport
Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Airport type Commercial
Overview map Google Maps
Tower 118.750
Ground 118.850
Clearance 118.350
Approach 124.900
ATIS 131.700
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Official Spotting Locations

There isn't really an official spotting location since you know - It's not allowed to do spotting in DXB.

Other Spotting Locations

Terminal 1 - Food Court

There are no official spotting locations, but you can see part of the concourse from the food court above the terminal 1 check in. The view is limited with the concourse blocking out all runway activities and the interesting Terminal 2 area. Pictures can be taken from here without attracting unwanted attention. Good advise is to be discrete anyway.

  • sample photo: [1]
  • sample photo: [2]

Runway 30L/R Approach

Runway 30 arrivals are much safer and easier to catch, as theres a small patch of desert near the villa village of Mirdif which is good and at some distance to nosy people. I have used this spot all my three years there and I know other people are still using it without any hassle. Again use discretion and you should be fine.

  • sample photo: [3]
  • sample photo: [4]

Runway 12L/R Approach

Stay in a car and use discretion. RWY12 is usually used in the morning and until mid day and late night. However if you want to do some normal spotting there is a road called "Al-Ettihad" road which overlooks the thresold of 12L/R - There are some car shops which you can hang there but of course don't even try getting close to the fence. If you are keen on getting pictures the best way to stick into a back allay which can get you some very nice shots but always be careful due to the increasing locals and foreigner that might find our action a bit suspicious.

Locations to Avoid

Perimeter Fence

It seems that DXB Police is patrolling all areas within a certain distance to the perimeter fence. Stay at a distance when observing or photographing and use discretion. Do not hang around the perimeter fence.

Regular Traffic

Facilities and Transportation

A car is an absolute must especially if you venture out during the summer (which should be avoided - its too hot). Even in the autumn and spring the air conditioner is a dear friend. The spots are also difficult (if not impossible) to reach by public transportation.