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Dallas Love Field Airport

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Continent: North America Country: United States Region: Texas

Dallas Love Field Airport
Location Dallas, Texas
Airport type Commercial
Overview map Google Maps
Tower 123.7
Ground 121.75
Clearance 127.9
Approach 124.3 (North Arrivals) 125.2 (South Arrivals)
Departure118.55 125.125
ATIS 120.15

Official Spotting Locations

There are no official spotting locations

Other Spotting Locations

Bachman Lake Park

The best location at Dallas Love Field is from the park along Bachman Lake, which runs along the North edge of the airport property. DAL has 2 parallel runways: 13L/31R and 13R/31L. The wind normally blows from the South at DAL. Southwest Airlines' aircraft typically land on and depart from 13R with wind from the South. Delta Connection and United Express usually land on the opposite side, 13L. Either side of the lake is good for spotting, however the Shorecrest Drive side gives you a truly close experience, much like Maho Beach at St Maarten (SXM/TNCM). At the park there are several locations where you can spot from, as this is a public park area. Sunlight will not be a factor, because you can simply move to where the light is best.

East Side Circle

Another morning shooting location is just off Lemmon Avenue on George Coker Circle near Landmark Aviation / Associated Air Center. This spot faces the runway 13 near the approach end. The fence is very tall but with careful placement one can shoot through the chain link with limited success. It is a good place to park right at the fence with no hassles.

Example: [1]

Frontiers of Flight Museum

This is another morning location on the approach end of Runway 31. The fence is also high but it is another hassle free spot to watch.

Example: [2]

Parking Garage

Other spotters have had great success at the Love Field parking garage. It is located within walking distance of the passenger terminal. It affords a close mid-runway view of 13R/31L, so you will see mostly Southwest Airlines' operations. I have never been there myself so I do not know how friendly police and security are to spotters.

You must shoot here only in the morning, because afternoon sun will be in your face.

I have had a lot of success shooting from from Parking Garage "B". I head to the top floor if the weather is good or the next to top floor if not. You can get stunning views of takeoffs and taxiing. Here's an example:

Locations to Avoid

I have spent dozens of hours in the parking garage "B" shooting and never, not once, been approached by law officers.

Regular Traffic

  • Delta Connection
    • ExpressJet (CRJ-200)
  • Southwest (737-700/800/MAX 8)
  • United Express
    • ExpressJet (ERJ-135/140/145)
    • SkyWest (ERJ-135/140/145)
  • Virgin America (A319, A321)

There is a fair amount of General Aviation activity at DAL including some Learjets, Challengers, Falcons, Aero Vodochodys, light aircraft. Several FBO's are on-site and cater to business executives as well as Associated Air, a BBJ and private aircraft outfitter. NBA and NHL sports teams use DAL for their chartered flights.

Facilities and Transportation

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) operates a bus line that serves DAL and the DART Rail System. Consult their web site for specific information. Several rental car companies are available on-site as well as cab services. The parking garages are attached to the terminal and can be walked to within 5 minutes. Bachman Lake and the Frontiers of Flight Museum can be accessed by car, cab or bus service.

The airport facilities are currently undergoing a major, multi-million dollar expansion/renovation project which will add a renovated terminal and new central concourse. The ultimate master plan for the project will decrease gate capacity to 20. Expected completion is October 2014.

Bathrooms and food services are available within the central terminal.