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Charlotte Douglas International Airport

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Continent: North America Country: United States Region: North Carolina

Charlotte Douglas International Airport
Location Charlotte, North Carolina
Airport type Commercial
Overview map Google Maps
Ground 121.8 (180-359), 121.9 (000-179)
Approach 120.05, 120.5, 124.00, 128.32, 134.75
Departure120.05, 120.5, 124.00, 128.32, 134.75
ATIS 121.15, 132.1


Spotting Locations

City of Charlotte Airport Overlook

Probably the best all-around location for spotters. Located on the west side of the airport, near the threshold of 18R. Large parking lot, with benches. Good up close views, a great area for families and no hassles from police. Will sometimes be closed during elevated terror threat levels. Scheduled to be closed in 2006 as airport expands to the west.

Located on Old Dowd Road. Open from dawn until 10pm. Light best from 1pm onwards especially if taking photos of 36L departures that mostly rotate way before the viewing area.

Carolinas Aviation Museum

For a nominal $5 entry fee (lower fees for students and seniors), you can use the photo stand near the threshold of 18L. Westward facing, this is an excellent location in the morning when the sun is at your back albeit a little small.

Located at the north side of airport. Just follow the signs. A great museum with a large variety of aircraft to see, and it's always good to support the museum by purchasing a gift from the shop.

If navigating from the Overview spot (see above) it's much easier to head out onto the Billy Graham Expressway to avoid going round in loops on the airport perimieter and then follow the signs round.

Other Spotting Locations

Old Dowd Road Fitness Trail

This meandering trail can get you some good "through the fence" views at various points around the west side. However, there is NO PARKING, so be prepared to park your car either at the overlook or some other legal spot. Police will generally leave photographers alone, but no guarantees.


A great location, especially when arrivals are from the south. While law enforcement has never bothered me there, the potential to be hassled is likely fairly high.

Located on Byrum Drive.

  • sample photo: large

Wilson Air

The GA ramp is right next to 36R and there is a break in a fence gate which offers some close in shots from just below the runway. Unfortunately, airport police will harass you if you take pictures from there (happened to me twice) though you are perfectly legal in that spot.

Locations to Avoid


Regular Traffic

The majority of the USAirways fleet: A320, A330, B737, B757, E145, E170, Dash8. Airtran B717, B737. AA MD-88. NW DC-9, A319. Lufthansa A330, A340. Continental Express E145. Fedex and UPS airbus. Numerous coroporate aircraft and ANG C-130s.

Facilities and Transportation