Chandler Memorial Airfield

Continent: North America Country: United States Region: Arizona
Chandler Memorial Airfield
Location Chandler, Arizona
IATA code 34AZ
ICAO code
Airport type General
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Located 10 miles south of PHX on Interstate 10. Exit on Queen Creek Road and turn left, drive east on Queen Creek Road to the first traffic light. Turn right and stay to the right, on the dirt road, not on the paved road (which leads to an Intel plant). Follow the dirt road south, then west to the airport buildings and aircraft.

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The airport is unfenced and open to visitors. Many old propliners lie derelict around the few buildings that exist. In the past, visitors were asked to check in with the primary tenant, International Air Response. But recently, IAR has begun to move out of the airport. It is unknown at this time what will remain of the derelict propliners and other buildings and equipment at the airport. One story circulating is that the owner of the airfield, the Gila River Indian Community, will develop the airport into a functional general aviation facility. However, a there is a strong opposition to this plan, and the website link is to the latest news regarding the situation.

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